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Fellow coffee equipment for home brew bar

Did you also notice the boom among coffee drinkers after the release of Fellow Stagg' s thick-necked barista kettles? Founder Jake Miller is behind these and other Fellow products. His ideas for making an even better cup of coffee at home originate in San Francisco.

The Fellow ODE Designer Grinder

All good coffee preparation starts with the grind. And that's where I'm going to start now. Specifically, theFellow ODE grinder. This has been available in both black and white for some time now.

Thegrinder is designed primarily for alternative brewing or for grinding coffee in drip coffee machines.

The ODE grinder offers 31 grinding coarsenesses and the hopper lid will help you with the setting, where you will find a small hint on the grinding coarsenesses.

In addition to its unique design, which makes it fit in virtually anywhere, it also stands out for its quietness. Compared to manual grinding, it also saves you a lot of time.

Stylish Fellow Stagg barista kettles

Before I get right down to the preparation, I need to boil some water. Abarista kettletakes care of that . Fellow has two of these on offer, or even four thanks to the dual colour scheme.

The first is the Fellow Stagg. The kettle does not lack a gooseneck or an integrated thermometer, thanks to which you can control the temperature of the water. The gooseneck also makes pouring coffee a pleasure.

Thekettle is not electric, but it has no problem heating on induction, gas, halogen or ceramic. Heat up to 1 litre of water with the kettle .

The second piece that Fellow has on offer is theFellow Stagg EKGkettle . This kettle is already electric and you'll love thetemperature controller. Plus, it can maintain the set temperature for up to an hour. It has a slightly smaller capacity, but with a volume of 0.9 litres, you can easily prepare 3 coffees.

Home coffee with the Fellow Design Pour-Over Set

Now, let's get to making coffee. Fellow has prepared for its customers not just a dripper alone, but a whole pour-over set.

In it you'll find a stainless steel dripper, a glass carafe with silicone lid, a measuring/dripping bowl, a funnel for pouring coffee and, of course, paper filters.

The shape of the dripper may be the first thing that strikes you. The dripper is straight and the bottom is flat, which allows for better coffee extraction. This is also aided by the double stainless steel wall that the dripper has. This way, the dripper does not lose heat during extraction.

In addition to the carafe, the dripper is also compatible with other containers such as Fellow thermo mugs. Source.
See how to make coffee with the pour-over set

Enhancing your AeroPress coffee with Fellow Prismo

If you're not a fan of drip coffee directly and prefer more of anAeroPress, Fellow has something for you too. TheFellow Prismo attachment . Its finer strainer slows down the extraction of the coffee, making it thicker and more espresso-like.

How do you make coffee with the Fellow Prismo?
  1. Grind 18g of coffee to a finer coarseness, similar to the original recipe. The coffee will taste great with espresso roasted beans.
  2. The coffee is prepared using the reverse method. So flip your AeroPress over and make room for the coffee by using a release roughly to level 2 on the AeroPress.
  3. Dump your ground coffee into the AeroPress and tidy it up.
  4. Pour 50 g of waterover the coffee and then stir it for 10 s.
  5. Then pull the bottom of the AeroPress down slightly so that the coffee level is at the rim level.
  6. Place the Fellow Prismo with the metal filter on top. Flip the AeroPress over and at1:10 begin to slowly squeeze the AeroPress.
  7. Now I'll just wish you a good taste. Alternatively, you can extend your coffee, like a lungo, with hot water.

Coffee on the go with Fellow Carter thermo mugs

Coffee is not to be missed on the go. And whether you make your coffee at home or stop for it at acoffee shop, your coffee kit should include a proper thermos.

Fellow makes thermo mugs inthree colors and three sizes. There are two models of mugs - Move andEverywhere. The difference between them is not big. Both keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours and also seal perfectly.

But theFellow Carter Move also has a snap-on splash guard, so you don't have to worry about your coffee ending up in your car.

Fresh coffee with Fellow Atmos coffee pots

The first rule of thumb for a cup of coffee full of flavour and aroma is proper storage. So you should store your beans in vacuum jars. The containers have a silicone seal that prevents air, moisture and odors from entering.

As with the other accessories, you can choose from black and white colour options, plus a clear version. Three sizes are also available.

Thanks to special technology, the Fellow Atmos jars extend the freshness of coffee by 50%. The coloured versions also protect the coffee from UV rays. Just like air, light also affects the freshness of coffee.

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