Home coffee grinder Mahlkönig X54 [video tutorials]

Use of the Mahlkönig X54 mill

Your new coffee making friend has 35 degrees of coarseness grind. These range from ground coffee for espresso to Cold Brew. So you can use the Mahlkönig X54 at home to make coffee using virtually any method. After pouring the roasted coffee into the hopper, simply turn the side knob to the selected grinding coarseness. The grinder will then adjust its steel 54mm grinding stones to the desired grade:

  • 01-05 Espresso
  • 05-15 Café crème (coffee from espresso machine, coffee to water ratio approx. 1:3)
  • 15-25 Filtered coffee
  • 25-35 French Press and Cold Brew

Grinder ready to grind for espresso and filter

If you opt for a fine grind for espresso in your coffee machine, you can easily add stable portafilter holder. This gadget will make your work more enjoyable. The coffee from the grinder will fall directly into the basket in your portafilter, because the design of the grinder holder combines a classic fork (bottom part) to support the lever of the coffee maker with a partial dosing funnel (top part). A handy thing for simply and cleanly prepared espresso.

How to get started: introductory instructions for the Mahlkönig X54

As soon as the package with the grinder arrives at your home, watch for the "Quick start guide" video. You will know exactly how to assemble the grinder, start it up, replace the portafilter holder or adjust the grinding time.

How to connect: instructions for WiFi communication with the Mahlkönig X54

You can check the information about the grinder and the grinds that have taken place online. This is because your home Mahlkönig X54 (also in chrome variant) is equipped with WiFi communication. In the video below, you will learn how to pair the grinder with your WiFi network so that you can view data from past grinds, error messages or make any future firmware upgrades to the grinder.

TIP: Use the Mahlkönig Home mobile app.

Download it at Google Play or Apple Store.

How to clean: cleaning instructions for the Mahlkönig X54 grinder

To regularly clean the grinding mechanism you will need coffee grinder cleaner. It is in the form of such granules or smaller tablets. Just pour these into the grinding chamber under the coffee hopper. Flush out all the grinder cleaner and then wash some more coffee before you can use the grinder again to make drinks. You can see the exact instructions for such cleaning in the video below.

Grinder service: maintenance and calibration instructions for the Mahlkönig X54

The following series of videos are of a service nature. You will therefore not be dealing with these tasks on a routine basis. Especially with a new grinder, these activities will not concern you. The grinderis designed with longevity in mind. Therefore, there may come a day when minor maintenance beyond routine care is required. This may calibration or replacement of the grinding stones (replacement is recommended after grinding approximately 800 kg of coffee). You can see how to do this in the first videos. The next ones then show instructions for replacing other parts of the grinder, should it happen to be needed.

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