How coffee affects the fluid balance in our body


Our bodies can go up to 4 weeks without food. But without water, a person dies within a week. At the same time, you'd have to be really lucky to have ideal conditions to last a full 7 days. With higher temperature and with movement, there is more fluid loss. In the cold, the dehydrated body can't warm up. However, water doesn't just affect the body's thermoregulatory properties.

We are largely composed of water. It makes up about 60% of our body weight. If fluid intake and output are not balanced and water is missing in the body, we speak of dehydration. Water dilutes the blood for better circulation and brings many nutrients and necessary minerals to the body.


Thebeloved black liquid in our cup is water, which has taken in some of the substances contained in ground roasted coffeeduring extraction. In the same way that we hydrate our bodies when we drink a glass of water, so does a cup of coffee. When coffee is brewed, oils, gases, soluble and insoluble solids are extracted into the water. As a result, we drink our coffee, the water with these extracted substances.


The University of Birmingham has carried out a study that confirms this effect of coffee on humans. A selected group of 52 men aged 18-46 took part in the research. This group was split in half. The men in the first group included coffee in their drinking regime during the day. Those in the second group were unlucky and only drank plain water during their coffee break.

The researchers analyzed blood and urine samples from all the men tested. At the same time, the body weight of each participant was measured, as well as the body water content. The data obtained from this study confirms that coffee has similar hydrating properties for the human body as water. According to the study, drinking coffee does not affect the dehydration of the body. The researchers found no differences in the results of the analysis between the first and second group of test subjects.


The ability of caffeine to activate our body affects, besides the brain and heart, other organs in our body. Itstimulates digestion and promotes kidney function through blood flow. The kidneys work faster and it is this diureticeffect of caffeine that may be behind the rumour that coffee dehydrates. Although the increased kidney activity forces us to urinate, theloss of fluid through excretion does not exceed the intake from a cup of coffee.

It would be problematic to drink more coffee than is appropriate for our bodies. If we drink more coffee, we may exceed our caffeine tolerance. The blood flow to the kidneys that increases their activity is due to higher blood pressure. Increased blood pressure is a known effect of caffeine in the body. This pressure can damage the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys. Their ability to filter is reduced, leading to thedevelopment of chronic kidney disease.


Drinking coffee is not only pleasing to the taste, smell and sight, it also brings many benefits to our body. However, we are all different. Therefore, each of us are also differently tolerant to caffeine absorption. For more caffeine-sensitive individuals, just one cup of coffee can cause complications. On the other hand, others who react well to caffeine can ind ulge inseveral coffees a day. Knowing your ideal dose of caffeine is key.


Inaddition to the amount of coffee, the time of day you indulge in coffeealso has an impact on the positive effects of coffee . Due to the stimulating effects of caffeine, it is a good idea to drink coffee in accordance with circadian rhythms. In order to maintain your body's biorhythm. Adjust the time you indulge in coffee so that caffeine does not disrupt the body's natural alternation of adenosine and cortisol.


If you've managed to drink more coffee than usual, you may have felt over-caffeinated. Over-caffeinating your body when you're "caffeinated" has a rather negative effect on your normal functioning. You drink coffee for a pick-me-up and to replenish your energy. But when you overdo it with coffee, its increased effects will negatively affect you. It is common for such coffee drinkers to appear nervous. They are unfocused, have increased heart rate and rapid breathing. You can alleviate the side effects of caffeine by using a natural cannabis extract. This hemp extract, in the form of CBD oil, causes us to indulge in more coffee during the day.

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