How do you make Irish coffee and Irish cappuccino?

What is Irish coffee?

Why Irish Coffee? If you're asking about the name, that's pretty obvious. That is, that recipe comes from Ireland. The only thing that goes into Irish coffee is Irish whiskey. Well, if you're wondering why you should mix this particular coffee drink, know that it has been adored for over 80 years by both Irish people and drinkers from all over the world. Irish coffee is also a permanent fixture in the prestigious Coffee in Good Spirit barista competition.

How did the recipe for Irish Coffee originate?

Irish Coffee was created by Chef Joe Sheridan in 1942. He was operating a new restaurant at Foynes Air Base in County Limerick in the west of Ireland (now replaced by nearby Shannon International Airport). One winter evening, during a major snowstorm, a plane was stranded at the airport and unable to leave for New York. So all the passengers took shelter in a restaurant run by Sheridan.

He wanted to give people a drink to keep them strong and warm. The ideal was to make coffee. To help warm the frosty guests, he thought of adding some good whiskey to the coffee. To soften the taste and maintain the temperature of the coffee, he covered its surface with whipped cream. Joe prepared the first round of Irish coffees and one surprised guest asked if it was Brazilian coffee. Joe replied with a smile, "No, it's Irish coffee." And that's the name Irish coffee still bears to this day.

The drink was very popular at the airport. In 1952, traveller and journalist Stanton Delaplane tasted Irish coffee. He enjoyed Irish coffee as much as anyone who had the opportunity to taste it. The journalist then brought the recipe for Irish Coffee to the United States, specifically to the Buena Vista Hotel in San Francisco. Here it became a permanent fixture and its fame began to spread around the world.

To make Irish Coffee, prepare:

  • 120 ml of black strong coffee
  • 40 ml Irish whiskey
  • 2 teaspoons cane sugar (syrup)
  • 30 ml of high proof whipped cream, gently whipped

The quantity of ingredients may vary slightly depending on the volume of the coffee glass. This usually measures around 2 dl.

Step by step for Irish coffee - recipe

  1. Heat the serving glasses for Irish Coffee with hot water.
  2. Prepare fresh coffee (from a dripper or other alternative method).
  3. Pour thecoffee, whiskey and sweeten into the warmed, dry glass.
  4. Stir everything well so the flavours combine perfectly.
  5. To make the whipped cream, place an ice cube in a shaker, cream and shake.
  6. Pile the thick but still liquid whipped cream on top of the coffee.

Preparation tips:

  • of course, you can adjust the amount of whiskey to your taste if the coffee is too strong or not strong enough for you.
  • the traditional recipe calls for filtered coffee, but sometimes in a café, bar or restaurant you may find espresso used
  • the great taste of Irish coffee is all about the right ingredients, so don't mistake filter coffee for espresso
  • similarly, don't mistake whipped cream for supermarket spray whipped cream
  • the right Irish coffee creamer is made by shaking it in a shaker (a sealable jar, a jar at home, is also useful)
  • whisk the cream with an ice cube until the whipped cream thickens, but not so long that it loses its fluidity
  • carefully sit the cream with a thick, creamy texture on the surface of the coffee by pouring it over a spoon
  • the coffee can be served plain without decoration, but simple decoration with coffee beans on the surface of the cream or a sprig of rosemary is also used

What coffee and whiskey to use in Irish Coffee?

As I mentioned above, fresh filtered coffee is important. Simply use coffee from an automatic dripper. Or prepare it manually, for example using the French Press, AeroPress, Chemex, Kalita or in a dripper such as the popular Hario V60. Whichever of these methods you have at home.

When it comes to choosing roasted coffee beans, it's clear that you'll need filter roasted coffee. You can take inspiration from the flavor notes you like. Or choose coffee based on the flavors that will go well with your whiskey. For coffee, use classic recipes to make coffee using an alternative method. To intensify the coffee flavor,you can the recipe slightly and increase the coffee ratio.

The whiskey you choose to make your drink has one condition - it should be genuine Irish whiskey. Jameson or Tullamore Dew are the most commonly used. Of course, you can also reach for others like Connemara, Redbreast, Teeling and others. You can look for the most interesting combinations of whiskey and coffee flavours.

What is an Irish cappuccino?

If you prefer a velvety smooth cappuccino, you might want to give this favourite coffee a little Irish twist. The Irish cappuccino is especially popular on an autumn afternoon. Its preparation is quite simple.

How to prepare Irish cappuccino - recipe

  • 0.3 cl Baileys Irish Cream
  • cappuccino
  • a pinch of nutmeg (optional)

The idea is to mix cappuccino with Baileys. This combination is super tasty and there's even a chance that it will become your "addiction". ???? You can add Baileys to the espresso when making it and then top it all up with whipped warm milk. You may not be able to stir the Irish Cream well in the coffee. That's why I prefer to make a classic cappuccino, which I can easily decorate with latte art and pour the Baileys in at the end. And if you want to spice up the coffee a little more, you can dust it with a little nutmeg.

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