How does the Victoria Arduino Eagle One app work?

Introduction of Victoria Arduino E1 coffee machines

Victoria Arduino describes the Eagle One as a smart coffee maker with a strong digital mission that provides the best support for recipe sharing among coffee lovers.

Eagle One Prima Single Lever

Make great espresso just the way you like it. EagleOne Prima is a great companion for baristas who work in coffee shops, as well as for home enthusiasts who love making coffee.

The coffee maker has a simple design but is not afraid of colour. It comes in a variety of colours from black to green. This can brighten up the whole space and attract the attention of all visitors.

Eagle One Prima coffee machine colour options. Source:

Two and three lever Eagle One

TheEagle One 2GR and EagleOne 3GR form a new generation of professional coffee machines wheredesign, performance and sustainability play a major role.

The coffee machines have been developed in collaboration with top baristas. All the innovations applied to these coffee machines have been tested by baristas with regard to its functionality. The easy to use display helps baristas work even more efficiently.

The Eagle One version is more compact than its predecessors. Thanks to its size, it adapts well to smaller café spaces.

Eagle One app

Eagle One apps are designed for the new generation of coffee shops and for baristas and roasters, who love to share their experience and knowledge in the coffee industry.

The Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app is designed specifically for the Eagle One Prima single lever coffee machine.

The Victoria Arduino E1 EagleOne app is for the two-lever Eagle One 2GR as well as the three-lever Eagle One 3GR.

Both apps are available for download at App Store and Google Play.

Operation is quick and easy. It's done on your phone without disturbing baristas as they work. You connect to the coffee maker via Bluetooth and can start creating and sharing recipes with other Eagle One owners.

Discover the E1 PRIMA app

App features

This innovative tool shortens distances and connects everyone connected to the coffee community.

The app's user-friendly interface is designed to keep all device features close at hand and operation easy and straightforward.

The user can set the temperature and extraction time, as well as program steam and hot water, verify machine performance and set the energy saving mode.

Basic functions

In the first tab called "Display", all the basic functions of the coffee machine are located. Here you can find out exactly what is happening during coffee extraction.

You can see the temperature the coffee is set to and the time of the last extraction. When the coffee is ready, you'll see the pump pressure and the strength of the steam in the steam boiler.

In the "Keys & Display" tab, you can decide whether you want to keep the LED bar at the back of the machine on or not. And you choose how many seconds the extraction should take.

Custom recipe

With the app, it is possible to create recipes and define a personal espresso card that the user can share directly or via other apps such as WhatsApp.

You can also draw recipe inspiration from favorite roasters, colleagues or those suggested by leading coffee industry personalities such as Dale Harris, Andrè Eiermann and many others.

How to create a recipe in the app


The app can help you simplify getting up in the morning and preparing your coffee. With weekly scheduling, you can easily set what time to turn the machine off and on.

You can automatically set the self-rinsing head of the coffee machine in the app. After each espresso, the machine rinses itself immediately after the portafilter is removed.

This god feature speeds upcoffee preparation, improves workflow and most importantly you will never forget this step again. As you know, a clean coffee machine is a prerequisite for delicious coffee. Plus, the automatic purge will help with controlled water consumption, which you'll welcome from both an economic and ecological point of view, right?

Water dosing

Water can be adjusted very simply. You can define two different water quantities for each button. You can set individual doses for espresso, either single dose or double dose.

Setting the "hot water set." is a great helper for making lungo and americano coffee or water for tea. You have the option of double setting the volumetrics of the hot water nozzle, to the hundredth of a second accurately.

Temperature and pressure in the coffee machine

You can also use the app to set the temperature of the coffee water (brew setting).

You can also adjust the pressure in the boiler. This will change the strength of the steam for whipping the milk. You can change the pressure up to 2.2 bar. This is what is recommended for the creamiest and smoothest texture.


The app counts how many times you have pressed each button, so you can keep track of the amount of coffee you have brewed and also the total liters of water if you are using a water filter. This gives you an idea of how often you use your machine and helps ensure your coffee tastes great.

EagleOne is not just an app, it's a system and a great tool to explore the coffee world, to unleash your creativity and to be inspired by new recipes from professional baristas and famous roasters. If you own an Eagle One coffee machine, this app should definitely not be missing from your phone

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