How to build a menu for your café


The longer and more complicated your offer is, the more likely it is that the customer will only choosecoffee. Develop a short menu that includes easy-to-prepare items. Be sure to train your staff so that they know how to prepare each item correctly and can advise your customer and answer any questions they may have. This is especially true with coffee. It's essential that your staff know at least the basics about thecoffee that's currently on the grinder - i.e. what it's called, where it comes from and most importantly - how it will taste.

Be careful not to offer too much. Have a concept and stick to it.


Stick to a small number of key ingredients that you can use in a few dishes. For example, your menu might include avocado toast and a vegan hummus sandwich. These ingredients can then be offered as a dip for nachos.

Don't use one ingredient in just one dish - if a particular menu item isn't popular for one week, you'll be throwing it away unnecessarily. It's especially important to have multiple uses for ingredients that have a minimum shelf life. This is important not only for the environment, but also for your wallet.



There is only one principle you should honour when putting together your menu - always list coffee drinks on the first page of your menu. Make it as simple as possible. Use clear names. If necessary, include a simple infographic or short caption. This will save your staff an enormous amount of time. We have a little tip for youHERE.

It's becoming more and more standard these days to have a choice of two coffees on the grinder. If you have the option, do it too!

Have two different tasting coffees on the grinder. It usually pays to have the fruitier and more acidic coffees on one grinder, which include mostly light roast and African coffees. On the other grinder, have coffees with nutty and chocolatey notes. This can be classic Brazilian, Columbian and others. We recommend that you rotate this selection of coffees every few days.

Make sure you meet all the needs of different customers. Serve a coffee that everyone can enjoy. About

Build menu items from the cheapest to the most expensive.


Think about what you would like to get in a café to drink besides coffee. A carafe of water included in the price is already commonplace in many cafes. It's a nice plus that might make customers prefer you to your competitors.

Homemade sodas are also popular, and you can spruce them up to your liking to create a unique signature drink. Juices and freshees made from freshly squeezed fruit are also very popular. Offer something that others don't have.


Whether to include alcoholic drinks in your menu is up to you and your opening hours. What do we think? Amorning mimosa never hurt anyone. You might as well delight your guests in the hot summer months with an Aperol spritz or a Hugo. Also consider the wine offerings from local winemakers. Remember, however, that if you want to serve alcoholic beverages, you'll need to get analcohol license.


Perhaps everyone occasionally sins and indulges in dessert with their coffee. If you decide to offer snacks as well, play it safe and always havesomething sweet and something savouryon your menu. If you have the opportunity, try creating a soup menu during lunchtime . Give your customers the option to have their snacks packed to go as well. Take inspiration from your surroundings, your competitors and don't be left behind.

Seasonal menus are very popular. Customers like variety. Plus, if the offer is truly seasonal, they'll be all the more willing to try it. The exclusivity of your seasonal offer also gives you the right to adjust the price.

Try to make bargains a few crowns cheaper than if the customer had each item separately. Breakfast ones are very popular, but you can stick to them all day long. The menu should consist of three things: coffee, a soft drink and something to eat.


Nowadays, more and more people are focusing on a plant-based diet only. But that doesn't matter at all. In fact, the café world reflects the trends that move society very quickly. For example, have plant-based milkon your menu as an alternative to conventional milk . The most popular are soya, almond and oat. It is up to your discretion whether you charge a little extra for this option.

When it comes to food, it is advisable to have at least one vegan item on your menu. Even people who eat everything will appreciate this, as they will be able to try something new. However, before you start offering vegan alternatives, it's a good idea to do yourmarket research. If you have a business in a remote part of town or a smaller city and your customers don't demand this alternative, you'll find it unnecessary.


Think also about how you present your menu. Will it be all on one page or will you spread it over multiple pages? How will you categorize the items? What about color, font style, material selection, size, placement? All of these variables contribute to the overall customer experience.

If you don't feel up to creating menus yourself, ask an agency that specializes directly in such things. You may pay extra, but the result will be worth it. Your coffee should complement each other along with other things.


Think about what makes your café different. Why was it created? Was it a lifelong dream? Why is it in this place? Theanswers to these questions are already written down in your business plan, which we created together just so you can continue to work with it.

Try adding an "About Us" paragraph to your menu. Customers waiting to order will at least read something interesting and get the impression that they know you intimately.

Attach a QR code to your menu where customers can quickly rate you while waiting for their coffee. Show that you're on social media where your customers can follow you so they don't miss any news from your café.

If a lot of people come to your cafe to work, add a WiFi password to your menu.


The right set menu can entice your customers to choose something they wouldn't otherwise think to order. When choosing menus, consider what kind of customers are visiting you and tailor your menu accordingly. Create a menu that makes you want to order everything yourself!