How to choose a coffee solution for your business


Coffee has been valued for itsstimulating effects on the bodysince the beginning of time . After all, it was thanks to this effect of caffeine, the main substance contained in coffee, that it was discovered. A well-known legend tells the story of the Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi and his goats who found a bush - the coffee tree. After nibbling on it, they began to jump around happily and vigorously.

This is how the coffee treewas discoveredas a stimulating plant. Where else but at work would we need to be encouraged and, as they say, "recharge our batteries". Bosses, heads of large companies and smaller employers are aware of this. They are smartly getting higher results in their work processes. They treat their employees to coffee and their workers are more productive.


Higher worker performance isn't the only magic from a cup of coffee. Drinking coffee comes with the ritual of relaxing, stopping and chatting with friends or colleagues. Why should employers want their workers to stop for coffee? Such forward-looking bosses know thata coffee break ultimately yields better employee productivity than working without a "coffeebreak."

Stopping for a coffee in the first place encourages the employee to gain new energy for the next job. It is known that rest and change of mind leads, when reversing a previous problem, to a new perspective, better ideas and inspiration.


We also often drink coffee in company. At work, it's mostly co-workers. This kind of time together over a cup of coffee keeps employees in touch and improves their interpersonal relationships. A coffee break together is actually micro team building.

Problems are also better solved with a cup of coffee. Both interpersonal and professional ones. With a coffee in hand, your employees can not only talk about non-work issues, but find a common solution to work issues. Give each other advice and inspiration.


Apart from these described benefits of drinking coffee during the working day, coffee has another positive effect. This is a feeling of happiness. The very smell of freshly brewed coffee creates pleasant feelings. Having happy and satisfied employees is a win for any employer.

Employees like that love coming to work. They are willing to give even more time and effort to their company than what they minimally have to. Their loyalty to the company increases, which is why they don't leave. You get to enjoy the benefits of experienced professionals instead of constantly training new turnover employees. Enthusiasm for work is a motivation that in turn leads to higher productivity and therefore growth for your company.


There are so many undeniable benefits and so much more, such as the ability to offer custom coffee to your visitors and guests. So join the ranks of those employers who provide their employees with coffee in the workplace. With us, it's really easy. We can come up with the best way for you to have coffee in your company.Based on your requirements, we can offer and set up a coffee service just for your company. No matter how big it is.


Youcan get acoffee corner fora small office where you sit with just a colleague for just "a few pennies". For this solution, you will use a coffee grinder, because coffee only retains its best qualities for a few minutes after grinding. Then there 's ascale, a kettle and one of our range of manual coffee brewing tools and gadgets , such as the Chemex. This way, you can prepare a cup of coffee for yourself and your colleague at the same time . In case you prefer espresso, we'll create a small coffee station for you with a handy lever coffee machine.


Larger offices are more suited to the introduction of automation than manual coffee preparation. In this case, we would recommend anautomatic drip coffee machine. You pour the ground coffee into it and add water to the reservoir. Thecoffee machine does the rest. In this way, the coffee machine can easily prepare coffee for about 6 people at once. For even more coffee lovers in your company, use a drip coffee maker from Melitta, for example . Its thermos holds 2.2 litres of coffee, which is enough for an office of ten.

Your employees can enjoy an espresso from anautomatic coffee machine, which is best suited for larger numbers of coffee drinkers. At the touch of a button, their coffee effortlessly appears in front of the employee, whether they like espresso alone or perhaps a latte.

Both espresso machines and high-capacity drip machines are used in establishments.


In addition to the technical equipment and coffee delivery, we are happy to train your employees about coffee and teach them how to operate the machine. We will take care of the ongoing service of your coffee technology. Contact us, we know coffee.

Our comprehensive coffee services are a great and easy solution to your productivity-enhancing project: employee coffee. Depending on the number of coffee-drinking employees in your company, we'll adjust the frequency and quantity of coffee deliveries. Of course, you can also adjust this over time as needed, depending on the current situation in your company.


Not only the quantity, but also thetype of coffee we prepare according to your wishes. In our offer you will find roasted coffee of different taste potential. You can choose whether you want a juicy and fruity coffee with higher acidity (sourness) or prefer a slightly more conservative sweet, nutty coffee.

Your chosen coffee will be delivered to you regularly either in classic packaging or you can use our unique privatelabellingservice. This way your coffee will truly be yours. In a package created especially for you, with your logo and design.