How to choose a home automatic coffee machine

We love coffee and indulge in it almost every day. We spend beautiful moments with our loved ones or a good book over coffee. With coffee, often only thanks to coffee, we get up. It helps us concentrate, learn and work. It is our fuel, our energy and a symbol of rest and relaxation. We simply can't imagine life without coffee. Coffee makers are trying to provide us with ways toprepare this popular drink at home. In doing so, they take care to satisfy all their customers.

A large part of the home coffee makermarket is for people who don't want to spend much timepreparing coffee, but want to enjoy the moment when they enjoy their coffee. They want quality coffee but are not interested in retraining to become a barista. Those people who run to work in the morning and need their coffee prepared while they get dressed, or those who wake up with their first sip of coffee. Have you found yourself in these situations? Then you too need anautomatic coffee machine.


The winning coffee maker that gets its place of honour in your kitchen will surely be a machine that meets three basic factors or requirements:

  • quality,
  • design
  • and price.


We probably don't need to go into the financial aspect any further. Only you know howmuch money you can invest in your new coffee machine. However, we must warn you that cheap coffee machines usually produce metaphorically cheap coffee. If you buy a low-quality coffee machine, it will look down on you from your kitchen counter in its almost pristine state, as you don't use it to produce not coffee but coloured water. Day after day, it will remind you of money wasted. Better invest your money in aquality machine that will alwaysguarantee you pleasure in your cup.


You know bestwhat your coffee machine should look like. Today, many quality coffee machines come in a variety of designs, whether you are a minimalist or prefer a retro style. Most often, you'll see coffee machines in classic black or stainless steel to suit any kitchen. Manufacturers try to make coffee makers smaller so that they don't take up too much space, yet will be visible in your kitchen. So it is important to enjoy the sight of it as well.

Choose an automatic coffee maker that you like and that works for you.


You already know what the coffee maker should look like and how much you are able to pay for it. That leaves the last area of decision making, the most important one, the quality of the coffee machine. Specify what tasks your new coffee machine will need to perform and answer the questions:

  • Will it make coffee just for you?
  • Do other members of the household have different taste preferences?
  • Do you want it to be able to whisk milk?
  • The display, the buttons, the app on your phone... what controls will suit you?


Thecarefree use of your automatic coffee machine is preceded by sufficient water and coffee compartments so that, with one fill of the reservoir, this machine can make coffee not only for you, but for all the coffee drinkers in the whole family. At the same time, each of you will love your cup of coffee, and a quality coffee maker is able to adjust its automatic programs to suit each of you.

Thebuilt-in grinder of the automatic coffee maker is a given. Only freshly ground coffee is full of the aromas and flavours we love it for. The coffee maker should be able to handle thegrinder setting to your preference. So an automatic coffee machine should, among other things, give you a finer or coarser grind and dispense the coffee the way you like it. It can remember your recipe and you can enjoy your moment with your coffee. If you like coffee moments with two, it will be handy if your coffee maker can prepare two coffees at the same time.


Coffee lovers with milk will not be left wanting. For them too, coffee machines are ready to make their favourite cappuccino. At this point comes the decision whether to use a coffee machine with a steam nozzle or an automatic milk frother.

Using the nozzle is not that complicated. Another advantage is its maintenance - after whipping, just wipe and blow out the nozzle. However, this procedure is not automatic, which means that you have to help the milk frother by pouring the milk into the jug, switching on the nozzle and pouring the milk foam into the cup. Fully automatic cappuccinos are created by coffee machines with milk frothers that draw off the necessary amount of milk from a reservoir or glass or straight box. You place your cup under the frother (usually the coffee maker prompts you to do so) and the warm frothed milk flows into it, or the milk frothing system is integrated into the coffee spout, so you just have to place the order and the coffee maker does it all by itself.

The automatic coffee maker can prepare milky coffee drinks like your favourite latte or cappuccino all by itself.

The hidden downside of the temptingly effortless cappuccino is the milk paths, the parts of the coffee machine through which the milk flows. The nozzle is only immersed in the milk at its end, whereas the automatic frothing system allows the milk to flow and settle. It is important to take care of these parts and flush them thoroughly. To do this, the machine should have a special cleaning function that is used after each milk drink is made.


The control of the coffee machine is nowadays very sophisticated and intuitive. Clear displays and buttons allow you toeasily communicate with your coffee machine. You can easily program or adjust the preparation of your coffee, for example by increasing the volume or coarseness of the grind. Nowadays, we see modern machines that can be controlled remotely via mobile phone. So you can "order" your morning coffee right from bed.

These coffee machines are usuallyself-reportingfor regular maintenance. It is then up to you to rinse the steaming unit under running water and throw in the cleaning agent. The coffee maker will then clean itselfwith the set program. Likewise, your coffee maker will also ask for a quarterly descaling. Even though it needs your assistance in these tasks, like any household item, it will guide you through the entire cleaning and maintenance procedure by itself withinstructions on its display. That way, you don't have to keep track of when it's time to descale it yourself and you won't forget the process and end up with limescale damage.


If you're serious about buying an automatic coffee machine, don't hesitate to get in touch. From a plethora of different models and variants from many manufacturers of these machines, we can help you choose the right one for you that meets all your requirements.


Nivona branded coffee machines are a combination of Swiss quality and German know-how. They create coffee machines that make coffee in a variety of styles. So you can expect the coffee you like from them, whatever your coffee preferences are. The strength of the aroma, the size of the drink or coffee with milk in your favourite ratio. The ability to adjust how the coffee is prepared offers the chance to enjoy a wide range of coffee flavours. Either in the traditional version of a nutty sweet espresso, or you can try a modern espresso full of interesting fruity flavours with fresh acidity.

The most common reasons to choose a Nivona automatic coffee machine are:

  • Reliability,
  • ease of use
  • and technically perfect coffee.

  • Elegant design, simple operation and digital display
  • Milk frother
  • 2.2 l water tank
  • Grinder with steel conical grinding stones
  • 3 coffee intensity and temperature settings
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Automatic programmes for cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine
  • Height-adjustable coffee outlet for any cup
  • Individual grinding coarseness


  • Adjustable coffee extraction profiles
  • Recipe storage for your favourite coffee
  • Milk frother with automatic rinsing
  • 2.2 l water tank
  • Even quieter grinder with steel conical grinding stones
  • Monitoring of maintenance status and water supply
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Automatic cleaning and maintenance programmes for the coffee machine
  • Height-adjustable coffee outlet for any cup
  • Individual grinding coarseness
  • Storage area for cups
  • Automatic profiles for ideal coffee extraction
  • Milk frother with three whipping programmes and automatic rinsing
  • Possibility to store up to 18 recipes for your favourite coffee drinks
  • Grinder with steel conical grinding stones in ultra-quiet design
  • Coffee intensity and temperature settings
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Automatic programmes for cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine
  • Height-adjustable coffee outlet for any cup
  • Individual grinding coarseness
  • Cup storage area with heating
  • Two-colour cup illumination


  1. Get an idea of the three basic factors for choosing a coffee maker. Specifically, theprice range for buying a coffee maker, its size and appearance, but also its qualities for perfect functioning.
  2. You are buying an automatic coffee machine. This means you are buying a machine to use on a daily basis, so think about what it should be able to do on a daily basis. How many coffees it will make per day, what types of drinks you will expect it to make, and who will operate it all.
  3. When choosing, look for ease of use and cleaning. Be sure to buy the right cleaning products to go with your coffee maker.
  4. Will you also use milk frothing preparation? Do you want the milk froth preparation to be automatic?
  5. Even the best automatic coffee maker can't produce a tasty espresso unless you use good coffee beans. So buy freshly roasted, select coffee for your coffee machine.