How to choose a professional automatic coffee machine


If you reach for aprofessional lever coffee machine, you will have to get aspecialized operator, i.e. the aforementioned barista. Because quality coffee and a professional coffee machine doesn't always mean a great espresso. A professional lever coffee machine offers the best way to make coffee, but only in the hands of a skilled barista. If you put someone in front of this machine who is not familiar with coffee preparation, does not know the procedures of working with coffee, such as grinder settings or extraction times, and does not know the process of cleaning and caring for these devices, you are asking for very poor quality espresso and coffee drinks. A poor quality product is something you certainly don't want to offer your guests and won't. So if you don't employ a barista or send your staff to upgrade their skills, for example on our coffee preparation course, use the services of anautomatic coffee machine.


It's themost efficient way to offerquality coffee in your business inany situation at any time. You don't have to retrain part of your work team, plus your people don't have to have a relationship with coffee, hence no desire to work with it. This then translates into irresponsible preparation and therefore bad coffee in the guest's cup. So expensive equipment goes to waste, as does the potential of the quality beans you have bought, which many people have contributed to by their conscientious work throughout its processing before it reaches you and your hapless "barista". The best decision in this situation is to get a professional automatic coffee machine that will ensure consistent quality coffee at all times .


You are a professional and he needs professional technology. Whether it's electric helpers in the kitchen or at the bar, there is no place for cheap home versions of these appliances. Their price is tempting, but their categorization as domestic has its justification in the fact that the workload in operation they simply can't handle. Even though coffee is not your primary product, you probably brew more coffees per day than you would in a typical household. Just like your workers, your machines need to be prepared for stress situations where multiple orders will need to be prepared in a short period of time. Automatic coffee machines can handle most of the activities in the brewing process themselves. They are simple to operate and do not take away from the time and concentration of your staff, who can focus on your guests.


Choose an automatic coffee maker based on what it has to handle andwhere and for whom it will serve. For your shop, office, or hotel reception, you'll be looking for a coffee machine that has other useful features in addition to making quality coffee. You assume that such a coffee machine will be operated most often bythe direct consumer. The office employee on his coffee break, the hotel guests reading the newspaper in the lobby, or the customer who has just purchased Josef Augustin's book "At the Coffee about Coffee and Coffees" from you and, as the title suggests, will also buy his favorite cappuccino to go, with which he will read his new book in a nearby park.

What you demand from these automatic coffee makers is their reliability and,most importantly, their autonomy. It must have clear , intuitive controls so that anyone can make coffee. A very good representative of this type of coffee machine is the product of the Italian company Saeco. Their certified coffee machines are capable of great performance combined with their compact size and friendly price. The display and touch buttons with clear pictures of the drinks make the selection easy and the coffee machine can be easily understood even by foreign guests. The manufacturers have also thought about the preparation of chocolate or decaffeinated coffee. The coffee maker can be connected to the water supply or topped up in the coffee maker's reservoir, giving you the freedom to place the coffee maker where youneed it. Automatic cleaning programs are a standard feature of these machines. The ability to attach acoin or payment terminal to the coffee machine makes this machine a true stand-alone helper.

Saeco phedra evo cappuccino automatic coffee machine


Hotel and restaurant owners offering, for example, breakfast buffets, coffeebreaks or other catering services will have even more demandson their coffee machine . The famous Nuova Simonelli name is proudly displayed by the Mythos grinders you know from your favourite coffee shops. TheProntobar Touchcoffee maker also boasts this name associated withcoffee preparation at the highest master level . Its renowned manufacturer is known for its quality and advanced technology in coffee preparation. Therefore, this coffee maker guarantees absolute satisfaction with every coffee it prepares.

Theexcellent new milk whipping technology, which Nuova Simonelli has patented, is also integrated into this coffee machine. At the front of the machine is a nozzle that whips the milk quickly, automatically and can even be adjusted the desired density of the milk foam. You can effortlessly conjure up a cappuccino just like the one you'd get at a coffee shop. A high-performance pump and grinding stones ground with nanotechnology are already a matter of course with this manufacturer. There are two grinders in this coffee machine. So you can offer two types of coffee and please all coffee lovers, whether they prefer fruity or more conservative flavours in their coffee.

Nuova Simonelli Talento automatic coffee machine


Finally, we come to automatic coffee machines capable of handling thedemanding operations of a restaurant or bistro. German precision and reliability along with high performance is embedded in the robust metal construction of the Mellita Cafina. Nothing can stop it. It is built to be able to function even in continuous operation. It is capable of preparing up to 250 espressos of the highest quality per hour. It is controlled by a clear touchscreen display where it offers a multitude of coffee drinks, from espresso to cappuccino with the option of hot or cold milk foam to cocoa or hot chocolate. Italso makes a real pro witha host of accessories to choose from to suit your operation's needs, such as a second grinder, milk fridge or cup warming rack.

Melitta Cafina CT8 - The king of automatic coffee machines.


At Spa Coffee, we live coffee. We seek out thebest coffee beans, roasting them with love and care so that our choice coffee reaches you in the best quality and with the mostmagical aromas and flavours. It is then up to you to prepare it for your customers. To ensure that the quality and uniqueness of our coffee is preserved in the final step of its journey to the guest's cup, we offer and provide the technology to take care of this final step. Feel free to contact us so we can work together to come up with thebest solution for your operation andensure that every time you have coffee, you have a smile on your face as well as on the faces of your guests and employees.