How to choose a professional espresso grinder?


The right coarseness of the ground coffee has a huge impact on how your final coffee will taste. Even the best selection of coffee won't taste good if you grind it wrong.

You know that the coarseness of the grind also affects thefinal taste of yourespresso. Remember that you should grind the coffee just before you use it. After half an hour, once the coffee is ground, it starts to lose its freshness, aromas and the resulting flavours start to lose their intensity.

As you probably understand, the choice of your coffee grinder will be one of the very important decisions. We can almost say that choosing the right grinder is more important thanchoosing a coffee machine.

Behind a balanced and great tasting espresso, there is always a perfectly adjusted grinder.



There are two types of grinding stones; flat and conical. For a café, it is better to get a grinder with larger diameter grinding stones. The larger the stones, the better the result. Larger stones can handle more traffic as they do not heat up as much and have a more constant grinding result.

Stones that are 50mm are recommended for 1kg of coffee per day, 65mm for 9kg of coffee per day and 75mm for 13kg of coffee.

The speed of the grinding stones is approximately 900 - 1400/min. After grinding about 300 kg of coffee the grinding quality decreases. It is necessary to pay attention to this fact and change the stones regularly.


When choosing a grinder, also pay attention to its noise level. A very noisy grinder can disturb not only you but also your customers. Most grinders have special dampers that insulate the whole machine against noise and vibration.


If your café is constantly bustling and you have long queues for coffee, you need a grinder that grinds as fast as possible. It's also important that the grinder doesn't overheat with constant use. Therefore, when choosing a grinder, focus on how quickly and for how long it can grind the coffee.


You will appreciate the grinder if it has an LCD display that you can use to select certain parameters for grinding the coffee. For example, whether you want to grind coffee for a single or double burner.


An advantage of some grinders is the so-called clima technology. This technology keeps the temperature inside the grinder stable. This technology keeps the results consistent and there is no need to adjust the grinder's settings several times a day. As a result, the coffee does not lose its aroma and so there is a full consistency of flavour and aroma in every batch of ground coffee. Clima technology also reduces coffee wastage.


There are plenty of professional grinders in the world that you can use in your business. Professional grinders have two basic divisions. Grinders with a dispenser and grind on demand or "fresh" grinders. However, grinders with a dispenser are gradually being phased out, as pre-ground coffee can sit in the dispenser for several hours. This changes the whole texture and the resulting taste of the coffee. We definitely recommendyou get a grind on demand grinder.


These "fresh" grinders grind one or two batches of coffee directly into the lever. This makes the coffee freshly ground and the result all the better. Grind on demand grinders work on the principle that you set a time for the grinder to grind a certain amount of coffee.

Unfortunately, you need to constantly check the grinder to make sure it has weighed the amount of coffee you want correctly. If you want to serve the perfect espresso, it's best to keep a scale handy and check each batch.

The most important thing is not to worry about the grinder. Buy cheaper coffee to start with and keep trying until you're completely satisfied with your results. Make one coffee after another, because practice makes perfect.


At the same time, when you walk into a café that offers a selection of coffee, it's almost a given to have two different types of coffee on the menu. One should always be rather sweet. For example ,Brazilis a popular choice for people who don't like acidity in their coffee.

On the other hand, you will get people who are looking for floral, fruity flavours with more acidity in their coffee, and Brazil or Columbia just won't satisfy them. So the second grinder is usually a more acidic type of coffee, such as Keyna, Rwanda or coffee from Ethiopia.

You will see that customers appreciate this variable offer. In more and more cafés and espresso bars, it is customary to change the coffee on the grinder every few days. Customers look forward to more variations and will visit you more often.


TheMDXS grinder is reliable and has low maintenance costs. If you want a primarily quiet grinder that will also handle more traffic, theMDXS is the ideal choice. The grinder also has an LCD display where you can easily set the time you require to grind your coffee. There's also the option to grind for single or double-rotor. The MDXS grinder also has a coffee grind counter.

TheMDJ is suitable for more demanding operations where you will appreciate the quiet operation and fast grinding speed. The grinder also has a display where you can set the amount of coffee dosage for single or double boiler. Special shock absorbers isolate the grinder's motor, reducing its noise level. The grinding stones are made of special long-life steel with a diameter of 75 mm. The grinder is designed to prevent the ground coffee from heating up. Its main advantage is that it does not overheat under heavy loads and has simple settings.

TheMythos One grinder was developed in collaboration with 4 World Barista Champion participants. We consider it to be the best espresso grinder on the world market. It is extremely quiet and is the first to come with Clima technology. Clima technology maintains a stable coffee temperature. It doesn't heat up the coffee, so it doesn't lose its aroma.

The grinder also has a Barista Modefeature that allows you to adjust the amount of coffee in the lever without having to enter the settings. It also allows you to pause the grind and then resume it. It is highly productive. The stones, which are made of titanium, have a long lifespan of up to 1200 kg of coffee.

This grinder isalso one of the world's top espresso grinders. In this type of grinder there is a motor with the ability to control the speed. This means that it will allow baristas to prepare multiple espressos with respect to workflow.

With the Mythos 2, there is the option of installing gravimetric dosing. The grinder thus controls the weight of the ground coffee and doses it according to the settings. This reduces coffee wastage. The low noise level is a matter of course.

Clima Pro 2.0 technology can keep the grinder at a constant temperature in the grinding chambers, which makes the work more efficient and the resulting espresso taste is unmistakable.


Choosing the right professional grinder is not an easy task and we always recommend you consult the experts, after all it is a long-term investment. If you don't know what to do, get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you and suggest the most ideal grinder for you. We also offer individual prices and financing options.