How to choose a travel coffee machine

Coffee maker for caravan

Do you love traveling in the style of Robin Williams in Family Vacation and Other Misadventures? For one thing, it's my favourite film, but the caravan journey is the main thing. Of course, you need to equip yourself with a suitable coffee machine and excellent coffee for this trip too . There's a lot of choice, so I'm going to show you coffee machines that plug into aconventional 1000-1200W plug, a gas-powered alternative in the style of aMoka pot, or the almost unbreakable CHEMEX for making filter coffee.

In the caravan you can use electricity and gas to heat the coffee. Source:

Electric kettle for a quick dose of coffee

I have just arrived at my destination by caravan, where Iwill connect to electricityin peace . What I need to be completely satisfied is a delicious coffee to enjoy at sunset. It has to be quick, however, as the sun is setting rather hastily over the horizon.

This problem is solved, however, by theFellow Stagg electric kettle, which, thanks to its 1200W wattage, is a real Ferrari in coffee making. Not only can you regulate the temperature on this kettle , but once you reach the target temperature, it can still beheld for an hour. In case you forget like I did. Not only does the kettle look great, but the special neck design makes it very easy to pour.

Stylish Moka teapot as a travel coffee maker

Have you rented (or outright bought) an RV with a gas burner? Great, because I have a hot type for you too. If you like coffee that tastes closest to espresso, be sure to reach for one of the Moka pots we offer. This will not only become atasteful decoration in your caravan kitchen. It will also help you during an unexpected visit to the campsite. A moka pot that will make up to10 cups of coffee? TheBIALETTI NEW VENUS makes this wish come true.

Become a chemist with the Chemex brand

Travelling and there are serpentine roadsahead ? Worried that your new coffee machine won't be durable enough to withstand a fall off the kitchen counter or shelf? Do you love black filter coffee? If your answer is 3 times yes, you need to get the CHEMEX FUNNEX 444ML, which will survive even an unexpected fall thanks to itsdouble glass. Be sure to buy paper or metal filters to go with your glass dripper to ensure beautifully clean and tasty coffee.

A coffee maker for car journeys

Traveling by car and don't know how to enjoy fresh coffee at a gas station stop or near nature? I can help you with this problem too. Usethe brew it stick method to make delicious fresh coffee and the AeroPress Go to make lungo and americano when you're miles away from electricity.

We already have limited options in the car, so you need to choose a quick and portable coffee machine. Source:

Brew it stick method of making coffee anytime, anywhere

Love the smell of fresh coffee that you want to enjoy anywhere? Do you have access to hot water with an approximate temperature of 96°C? Then you have come to the right place. Thebrew it stick can't be missing in your"pocket". the preparation procedure is very simple and after 4 minutes you can enjoy a deliciously prepared coffee. This little chic is the perfect substitute for the less storable French Press.

The fast and portable AeroPress Go

Have you hit the road and a good coffee shop is nowhere to be found? For this stressful situation, the AeroPress Go portable coffee machineis the right choice , which can playfully prepare delicious lungo and americano. Coffee preparation is very simple and quick in this travel coffee maker, so you'll definitely love it like I did. Don't forget the filters again !

Aeropress for any trip. Source.

Espresso in nature

Need an urgent kick wherever you are? Do you love espresso and want to have one in the great outdoors? Do you crave a coffee machine that f its in asmall suitcase and can even be taken in your carry-on bike luggage? The very elegant and design-oriented Flair coffee maker will prepare a delicious espresso or two in the countryside, in the mountains, practically anywhere. With the lever we create sufficient pressure of 6-10 bar to extract the coffee. The result is a quality and delicious espresso that can be enjoyed to the sounds of nature.

The idea of the Flair portable coffee machine was born in the mind of a great espresso lover. He wanted to invent something simple and affordable at the same time. Thus was born the story of a coffee machine that has one purpose - to create the perfect espresso anywhere in the world.

A rechargeable coffee grinder for your backpack

Today, you have some really great options to make delicious coffee where veryou go. TheTimemore Advanced 123 rechargeable coffee grinder, for example, will give you that experience even on a seaside holiday. Operation is very simple, as you only need to press a single button to start the grinding process. And its performance? It can grind a15g batch of coffee in just 30s and can handle up to 400g of coffee on a single charge.

Which handheld coffee machine should you get for your relaxing holiday?

If you're still hesitating after reading this article, don't despair. Let us help you choose the right coffee machine for your trip. Whether you're holidaying by the sea, in the woods, in the mountains, we have a coffee machine for all conditions. Tell us your preferences and we'll advise you on the right coffee machine for you.