How to choose and how to use a Moccamaster drip coffee machine


Why Moccamasteris the first answer to the question: "Which drip coffee machine to choose?", what makes it different from other drip coffee machines and why is it so popular? First and foremost , it's thegreat filtered coffee that the Technivorm Moccamaster brews for you. The quality of the Moccamaster's coffee is recognised by leading coffee experts from the SCA and ECBC.

We expect the coffee machine to heat the water and then gradually drop it onto the ground coffee in the filter. Through the filter, the finished "decant" then falls into the pot. The Moccamaster works in a similar way, but does it in a much more sophisticated way.

Thewater it heats to make coffee isideally between 92°- 96°C. No more or less, just enough to extract the coffee well. This is for the entire brewing time, which lasts (depending on the amount of coffee being brewed) a maximum of 6 minutes.

The second thing the Moccamaster does better is the distribution of hot water, or rather the technique of pouring the ground coffee. The arm that brings the hot water over the ground coffee in the filter has 9holes at the end . Basically, it's a kind of shower, through which thewater flows evenly and gently hits the surface of the coffee.


Thehighest quality filter coffee and the durability of a coffee maker that will stay in the family for years. These main ideas are historically linked to the very first Moccamaster. Gerard-Clement Smit, founder of the Dutch company Technivorm, had a vision: a coffee machine to last a lifetime.

With this goal in mind, he set about developing the first model - Moccamaster '68. This went on the market for the first time in 1969 and within the first year was the best-selling drip coffee maker in the Netherlands. The success of sales in other European countries and the USA did not take long to come.

Today, Technivorm is still the world market leader with more thanhalf a century of experience in the production of drip coffee machines. Moccamaster has retained its traditional design. It still charms its customers with its retro look, but in modern colours. Moccamaster also retains its tradition thanks to its handmade production. It uses mostly biodegradable or recyclable materials from local or European sources.

Moccamaster is also a coffee machine to please the eye. It suits almost every colour in existence. But Technivorm is also moving with the times in this respect, dressing its Moccamasters in colours that it changes according to current trends. Image source:

Moccamaster technology combines simplicity with high quality coffee preparation. The design of the dripper is created with sustainability in mind , supporting the main idea of a coffee machine that will last for many years. This means that in the event of a malfunction of a particular part of the coffee machine, this damaged part should be easilyreplaced with a new one, without the need to replace the entire coffee machine.

The fact that Technivorm really stands behind the quality of its drip coffee machines is also indicated by the unusual warranty period. The Moccamaster has a guaranteed five-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is something you just don't see with conventional appliances.


There is more than just one Moccamaster. Now, I'm not referring to the multitude of colour versions. Technivorm is aware of the variety of requirements for a drip coffee machine in terms of its use, specifically where the machine will be used. If it is to be a Moccamaster:

  • afriend to the coffee-loving household,
  • ahelper that will streamline the morning routine for every coffee lover,
  • aneffective caffeine boost for the officeteam
  • or a reliable automated colleague for the barista in the coffee shop.

Technivorm has thus profiled its Moccamasters according to the needs of users and today you have the opportunity to choose between the following types:

The first mentioned Moccamaster KBG 741 is such a basic model. A coffee maker for coffee loving families or for the office. Simple to use, easy to maintain and up to 1.25 litres of coffee per switch on. The extracted coffee flows into the glass pot where it is guided to the bottom. So already during the brewing process, the finished coffee is combined and does not boil. So you pour yourself a filtered coffee with complex flavour without having to stir it.


The overflow, or "batch", has quickly made its way into coffee shop menus. Why not? It speeds up the barista's work, while a quality machine ensures consistently good coffee. For these uses of the Moccamaster coffee machine in a café, it is preferable to reach for theMoccamaster KBGT 741version . Because this Moccamaster has replaced the glass pot with a stainless steel thermos that keeps the coffee warm for every incoming customer.


TheMoccamaster KBG Selectis a new addition . Again, this is a home or office dripper, but it's even more sophisticated in terms of considering the needs of users. Inaddition to the start button, it has a button to set the coffee brewing option. Whether you are preparing a full pot of coffee or just half a pot, the coffee maker optimizes the brewing time settings and water distribution to achieve the most delicious coffee. Select also has a smart reheat plate.


For all coffee lovers who want the convenience of an automatic drip coffee machine but don't need large quantities of coffee, there's the Moccamaster Cup One. Its name says it all. Simply Moccamaster for one cup of coffee. Cup One prepares coffee with a volume of 0.3 litres. That's one cup of filter coffee.



Thebasic recipe for making filter coffee in the Moccamaster, like any other coffee preparation, is based onquality water and freshly roasted coffee. Use good - preferably filtered - water and a selection of "filter roasted"coffee in the machine.

In the next step of "pre-preparation" you will work with ascale and grinder. To prepare your "batch brew" or overdraft, we recommend starting with the traditional coffee to water ratio for filter coffee. This is to use 60g of roasted coffee to 1 litre of water. Grind your weighed coffee to a medium coarseness (the grind has a texture like coarse sand or sugar crystals).


Pour the required amount of clean waterinto the reservoir of the coffee maker . Now it's time to prepare the filter. Insert thepaper filter into the drip maker after folding the "seams". That is, the long and short sides of the filter where the layers are joined. Don't forget to pour hot water over the paper filter in the plastic holder of the Moccamaster. This is the only way to make sure that no disturbing paper aftertaste from the filter gets into your coffee.

Pour the ground coffee into the washed filter, place it in the machine and press the button to start the Moccamaster. Now you can enjoy the next 5 minutes or so, watching with interest the magic that turns water into coffee, or do something productive like make breakfast. Once the machine has finished its work, you can pick up your pot of fragrant, freshly brewed coffee.

Even though the Moccamaster is an automatic dripper, there are several ways you can control the extraction of the coffee. Of course, this is during the pre-preparation, by changing the values of the coffee : water ratio. By adjusting the coarseness of the grind according to the rules of the coffee extraction process. Or directly during coffee preparation by regularly stirring the coffee in the filter (about every 250 ml).


Moccamaster drip coffee will only taste great if you use good beans. Although the Moccamaster excels in many ways, it is just a filter coffee machine. A tool that can turn water and ground coffee into a divine beverage. So what do you put in it? First and foremost, look out for specialty coffee.

The origin of Moccamaster is linked to SCA and specialty coffee. If you have or are still considering buying a Moccamaster, you care about the quality of your coffee. Therefore, I assume that you don't even buy other than quality coffee, i.e. "choice" coffee.

Another requirement for good coffee is proper and fresh roasting. The drip machine prepares filtered coffee, this tells you that you will be buying light roast coffee or "filter" coffee. Such coffee is suitable for drip coffee, but also for coffee made using alternative methods such as French Press, V60, Aeropress or Chemex. Light roasting preserves the natural flavours of the coffee, such as the fruity acidity and, above all, the unique sweetness.

When selecting your coffee, take note of the time since roasting. The older the coffee gets, the more the flavours and aromas disappear. And you just don't want to drink bland coffee. That's why I recommend buying smaller packets (like 250g) and sealing them well after you take a batch of coffee.

Speaking of freshness, the loss of flavour and aromas is faster if you grind the coffee. And extremely faster. Practically in 15 minutes after grinding, it loses most of the positive qualities that we value so much in coffee. That said, get a grinder. Manual or the more convenient electric one with grinding stones. Investing in a quality coffee grinder will pay you back in the joy of many cups of delicious coffee.

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