How to choose the best coffee cup


The paper cup itself is not just made of paper. It contains a special waterproof thin layer applied to the paper that prevents the cup from melting in your hand when you add hot coffee, which the paper itself would do. It is this coating that prevents easy recycling. The used cups are then not recycled but accumulate in landfills.

It was toreduce this large source of waste that the 'turn the cup'projectwas created . A colourful reusable plastic cup. A café will let you buy one for a deposit of 50 CZK and let you fill it with your coffee. On the way in another café you can return it empty and they will also refund your deposit. Or you can buy coffee again and they will just replace the cup with a new one filled with your batch brew.


If coffee is your frequent travel companion, you'll take full advantage of your own cup. Apart from theenvironmental aspect, another positive that justifies the need for your own cup is undoubtedly theconvenience of drinking. Holding a hot cup in your hand or smelling the paper flavour of a cup when you taste it is not particularly pleasant. That's not what you get with your own cup. It's stronger and more durable. It's easier to handle. It doesn't burn your hands or tip over as easily.


When we talk about a takeaway coffee cup, we're talking about a cup with a lid that you drink coffee out of on your way to work or even school. Themost famous type of this in a cup is the Keepcup. From Melbourne, Australia, it has made its way into the hearts of coffee lovers and baristas around the world since 2007. Baristas appreciate the practicality of pouring coffee in addition to the ecological aspect. Unlike, for example ,disposable cups, it is particularly good for preparing milky coffee drinks using the latte art technique . Its main characteristics are the use of recycled materials, the design and the possibility to choose from awide range of colours in which Keepcup is produced. Theplastic version of theKeepcup in particular is bursting with colour. In addition, it is pleasant to hold and weighs almost nothing. The empty Keepcup is so light that it won't weigh down your handbag or backpack at all .


If you want a truly perfect tasting coffee experience even when you're walking, reach for theglassKeepcup . Just like its plastic brother, which is of course a cheaper option, you can get it in avariety of colour combinations. It can also be very elegant. It can be your understated yet stylish takeaway coffee cup. For example, its limited edition incork is a clear proof of this .


Keepcup really only works as a cup. So it doesn't guarantee that it won't spill when you put it in your bag. Its newer version includes improvements in lid closure technology, so it can withstand minor tipping. Its charm lies in itsstylish design and practicality. As we said, it's a simple cup with a lid. So it 'seasy to care for. You take off the lid and put it and the bottom of the cup in the dishwasher.

The limited edition Keepcup using cork is not dishwasher safe. Unless you take off the cork ring, which is not dishwasher safe. But the manufacturers don't recommend taking it off. It could loosen the cork by taking it off and on again. This could then cause the Keepcup to fall out.

Itis not only available in many colour options, but also indifferent sizes. Depending on what kind of coffee you prefer. If you're into large lattes, the Keepcup is made just for you in this largest size. If, on the other hand, you like your coffee in a smaller volume, choose the Keepcup M or Keepcup S, but also theXS size. We love the pleasantness that the glass Keepcup offers when drinking coffee so much that we use it at home, without the lid. as a classic coffee cup.


Also, the stainless steel keepcup fits exactly into the cup holder in your car and if you were to let the air conditioning blow on it, for example, it will make sure your coffee stays warm all the way through the journey. These cups, from the Thermal edition, were only launched earlier this year and are made from high quality double layer stainless steel to protect the heat of your drink.


If you don't like to sip your coffee on the go and want to enjoy it at the office or outside while relaxing on a bench after a walk, you'll appreciate athermos coffee cuprather than a cup . The advantage of thermoses is both their overall closability for convenient carrying of coffee in a bag or backpack, but of course also their ability to keep coffee warm. So then, as you stop or settle in at work, you can fully enjoy your coffee almost as if it were freshly brewed.


These qualities are the basis for the expectations that thermoses must meet. The Frank Greenthermoses have gained their popularity because they meet these characteristics 100%. The quality workmanship and materials used will not allow the coffee to spill or even leak a little from this thermos. Their seal is absolutely reliable. A clever button on the lid makes it easy to open the drinking hole and just as easy to close. One click. With one hand.


What you 'll appreciate further as a Frank Green thermosuser is that itkeeps your coffee hot for a long time. Whether you have a long commute to work or decide to take a longer walk, you don't have to worry about your coffee being cold when you drink it. Since 2013, this Australian company has been releasing colourful, functional thermoses that everyone must love immediately. They'll keep your drink at temperature for up to 12 hours, whether you have hot coffee or an iced cold brew inside . This is thanks to the high quality double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulation. You may have to fiddle with a few parts when washing your "frank green", but it's not difficult. For the feeling of always-warm coffee and total reliability from leaks, the extra few seconds at cleaning are worth it. It's really just a few seconds, like in this video:


Last but not least, it's worth mentioning therecyclability of the materials this smart mug is made of. You can buy your "Frank" inseveral sizes, namely 340ml, 295ml or 175ml. We've saved the best for last. Another unique feature is that your "Frank" will really be just toyour style. You choose your color combination of the individual parts. How about a khaki mug, a coral lid and a red merlot button? Explore our range of Frank Green thermoses and when you've chosen your colour combination, add it to the order notes.