How to clean a dirty dripper or automatic dripper


Even the reliable friend that is the automatic drip machine needs a thorough maintenance from time to time so that it does not degrade the quality of the coffee. If you take care of your automatic drip coffee machine regularly, it is able to repay you with quality and excellent coffee.

After daily use, the coffee holder should be washed thoroughly and then wiped thoroughly with a clean towel or kitchen towel.

How to decalcify an automatic drip machine

  • A great help for your automatic dripper can be the Cafetto descaler, which is used to remove calcium and is a100% eco-friendly product.
  • You will need a bag of descaler and a litre of water. Be sure to read the package insert.
  • Add the cleaner to the water reservoir and pour in the water. You need to stir the product thoroughly.
  • Start the boil cycle to remove limescale.
  • Pour out the contaminated water and repeat the process, this time with only water without the detergent. This will ensure that all of the product solution is removed.


After each use of the dripper, you need to take care of the basic cleaning, which consists of rinsing with hot water and then wiping with a clean towel or kitchen towel. This is a process that should be followed after each use.

From time to time it is also a good idea to give your helper a thorough cleaning. How does such a deep cleaning work and what are the appropriate products to use to achieve 100% cleanliness?

Deep cleaning helps us to get rid of discolouration and stains. To clean the dripper, we can recommend tablets that will get rid of any built-up dirt. Mix the tablets in a container of water and allow to dissolve. We recommend following the instructions that come with your Cafetto tablets.

If you use reusable filters, you should also take care to clean them thoroughly from time to time. After each use, it is a good idea to rinse thoroughly with hot water and soak the filter in a cleaning agent as needed to prevent the build-up of coffee oils.

If your filter becomes clogged, use a good quality detergent along with hot water and make sure to scrub thoroughly to remove any dirt. We recommend that you repeat the cleaning twice, depending on how dirty your reusable filter is. Afterwards, use the cloths you will receive with your filter purchase. This is the cloth that best captures coffee oils. We recommend repeating this process once a week to keep the taste of the coffee tasty and fresh.

If you use cloth filters, you also need to take care of their cleanliness. If the cloth filter becomes clogged with coffee, use a cleaning agent and scrub with a brush to remove unwanted particles.


Clean your coffee making equipment to prevent unwanted deterioration of the coffee taste and to prolong the life of the machine. Let us help you achieve 100% cleanliness of your coffee machines.

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