How to connect the coffee machine and what do I need to prepare for connection?


Before we talk more about the actual wiring, there are a few other things you need to ensure, and
some of these should ideally be thought about before you buy your coffee machine. The first is the
positioning of the coffee machine, which has a big impact on the running of the cafe. In addition, the coffee grinder needs to be placed next to the coffee machine so that baristas don't walk halfway across the cafe with a lever full of coffee. Since most people are right-handed, it is most often placed to the right of the coffee machine. If you're going to have a busier cafe you also need to allow enough room for more baristas in the aisle behind the bar.

In addition, the work surface needs to have a certain size and also be at a certain height, which is normally between80-110 centimetres. The dimensions of the surface then depend on the size of the coffee machine. In addition to the grinder, don't forget space for atamper or storage for abarista pot or cup. The area in front of the coffee machine is also needed for easier maintenance and cleaning of the coffee machine. The ideal distance between the coffee machine and the edge of the countertop is approximately 15 centimetres.

See how to clean a lever coffee machine in our video

You also need to think about the waste outlet hole and water connection For the waste outlet, you need to maintain a slope of 30 cm for proper drainage. You should create a hole for all cables and hoses roughly below the centre of the coffee machine. To make sure everything fits as it should, choose a diameter of approximately 8 cm.


The overall operation of the coffee machine is also greatly influenced by the water you use for operation. Thepressure in the head of the machine is controlled by a small component called agigler. This is usually around 0.5 mm in diameter, which means that any small sediment can cause a big problem. That's why before you buy any equipment, it's a good idea to have your water tested. Aside from the possibility of limescale, low pH and high chloride content can cause corrosion of the boiler. In addition, the composition of the water also affects the taste of the resulting cup of coffee.

Filter cartridgesare suitable for larger coffee machines that have their own water source . Some of them also release magnesium into the water, which contributes to better extraction and the resulting taste of the coffee.


For most coffee makers you can easily get by with conventional 230V sockets, but if you are going to get a large coffee maker it is better to keep an eye on this information as well. Even for all the previous points, it's better to read the instructions for the coffee machine before you buy it to make sure you have everything exactly as you need it for the installation.


The procedure is mainly developed for Nuova Simonelli coffee machines, so some steps may differ. However, it starts the same way everywhere, with unpacking. After unpacking, we first need to check that we have everything we need. Then place the coffee machine in place and add the feet. Now it's also time to install the water softener and the dirt microscreen, which will keep your coffee maker from immediately becoming clogged with limescale or sand, for example.

Lever coffee makers may be easy to use these days, but there's a tangle of hoses and tubes hiding inside. Wrong wiring of any part could also mean that you wouldn't turn the machine on at all, or that a part could stop working after a short time.

Next, connect the coffee maker to the water supply. In this step, it's important to make sure that you don't have the hose bent in any way and to make sure that thewaste pipe has enough capacity. You should also pay attention to the water pressure, which should not exceed 4 bar.

The next step is to fill the boiler, which should be done manually to avoid damaging the electrical resistor and turning on the electronic protection. However, this step and the following ones should be carried out by qualified technicians. Otherwise, the manufacturer is usually not liable for any damages. The expert is also required to set up the pump and hot water economizer, and he will also take care of connecting the plug so that you can plug the coffee maker into the mains.

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