How to make a cold brew from aeropress in 2 minutes


Classic cold brew is leached in water for at least 16 hours. However, if you get an irresistible craving for iced coffee refreshment, 16 hours is quite a long time. Traditional coffee brewing involves hot water, and for good reason. It is the heat that speeds up the chemical reactions, allowing the aromatic compounds from the coffee grounds to be extracted into the final coffee. This is why cold brew, which is only poured with cold water, needs a longer extraction time to release all the compounds from the coffee.

It is worth noting that cold brew is sweeter and smoother than hot coffee. This is because some chemical compounds cannot be extracted at lower temperatures.


AeroPress is popular for its simplicity. Forget pouring coffee in precise circles. Just add coffee, water, stir and squeezeto AeroPress. Fortunately, cold brew preparation in the AeroPress is just as easy as it is withtraditional brewing.


Whether you prefer to brew the traditional way or the reverse, the first step to good coffee brewing is your AeroPress. First check your AeroPress to make sure it is clean and dry.

Then assemble the AeroPress and insert the filter into the cap . Once the filter is in place, rinse it with hot water. This will help it adhere and also remove the taste of the paper. Some people also like to experiment with doubling the filters or using metal ones. More coffee oils get through the metal filters, creating a fuller body and less waste. In contrast ,paper filters will create cleaner and lighter coffee because the oils don't get through the paper filter.


The beauty of the AeroPress is its versatility. You can use a variety of coffees to make coffee in the AeroPress and experiment with flavour, grind coarseness, time and water/coffee ratio.

Despite the flexibility of the AeroPress, there are certain guidelines to follow. AeroPress coffee is ground finely. In preparation, the finer the coffee is ground, the faster the aromatic compounds are extracted. Coarser grinding is more suitable for recipes with longer extraction times.

The coffee dosage is another variable that you can change at your discretion. The standard is 16 grams per serving (16 grams equals approximately one scoop, which is included in the package). If you want to experiment, start with this dosage and then slowly adjust it until you find the recipe that suits you best. For example,you can find a scale that will become your indispensable assistant when making coffee in oure-shop.


Pour about 60-70 grams of cold water over the coffee. We recommend using filtered water, as certain minerals commonly found in water can slow or speed up the extraction of coffee.

This amount of water should be enough to create the coffee concentrate that will be the base of your cold brew.

Once you add the water, stir it for about a minute. Definitely don't skip this step, otherwise the coffee could be weak.


Next, gently press the plunger of the AeroPress down. If you start to feel too much resistance, stop for 10 seconds. You can then remove the ground coffee from the AeroPress and clean the whole machine.


Now you have the coffee concentrate ready, you can add ice water and ice cubes. Top up the amount of water to about 250 ml.


  1. Put a paper filter inside the removable plastic cap and wash it with hot water. This will help the filter to adhere to the cap.
  2. Place the cylinder with the filter on the end on the mug.
  3. Measure out about 16 grams of ground coffee and 60 - 70 grams of cold water.
  4. Pour the water over the coffee in the AeroPress in a circular motion to mix the coffee evenly.
  5. Stir the water and coffee with a paddle stirrer for about 1 minute.
  6. Then insert the plunger and slowly push it down until you hear a hissing sound. This indicates that there is no water left in the machine to be pushed through.
  7. Now top up the coffee concentrate with water to about 250 ml and add the ice cubes.

You can mix the coffee with tonic water for a bitter taste or, on the other hand, soften it with milk.


On a hot day there are few things that refresh as well as a cold brew. With this recipe, you can skip the 16-hour wait for a classic cold brew and start drinking iced cold brew in less time than it takes to boil water in the kettle. Make sure you use finely ground coffee before brewing, and don't forget to stir the coffee and water for a minute.

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