How to make Cold Brew [recipe]


Cold brew is coffeethat has been cold brewed for at least 16 hours. The longer it is brewed, the more the flavour and aroma of the coffee develops as the slow extraction brings out the best in the coffee. So don't be afraid tolet the coffee steep for more than 24 hours.


Cold brew coffee is much more smooth and contains less acidity, unlikeiced coffee. This means that Cold Brew is gentler on the stomach as it is not as acidic.

If you store Cold Brew properly, it will last you over a week (about 10 days). That is, unless you drink it sooner, which is more likely. So you can always have iced refreshment on hand quickly and easily.

Classic iced coffee is made with warm espresso, which you then chill with ice and possibly milk. Because of this, you cannot fully enjoy the identical flavor profile of the coffee. Cold brew is for true coffee lovers.


Coffee beans contain thousands of different chemical compounds. For example, malic acid or the sweet compound furaneol (also found in strawberries). Coffee production is the process of extracting these different compounds from thecoffee beans into water. By extraction, it becomes the drink we know and love. When making coffee, it is important to monitor time and temperature for proper and controllable extraction .

When hot water is used, the compounds are released quickly. In a few minutes and, with espresso, also thanks to pressure, in a few seconds. On the other hand, the higher temperature also causes the coffee acids and oils to degrade and oxidize faster. This can lead to acidity and bitterness in coffee extracted with hot water. The Cold Brew method rel ies onlong preparation times compared to rapid extraction anduses cold water instead of high temperature .


Cold brew coffee extraction results in a completely different flavour profile. It is smooth and mellow, without extremes of acidity or bitterness. This is because many of the sweeter aromatic compounds are soluble in cold water, but oils and acids do not dissolve in cold water.

Cold brew is definitely "strong" in terms of coffee to water ratio, but it doesn't taste strong or bitter. And that's why Cold Brew is an excellent extraction method. You can increase the amount of coffee to make it stronger, but the result still won't taste too bitter or strong. But if you did the same thing with hot coffee, the result would be essentially undrinkable.

Cold Brew also counts on the addition of ice for an even more refreshing experience. If you find Cold Brew to be too strong, add more ice to your glass to balance out the flavours just for you!

In the evening, pour your coffee into the jar, top up with water and the next day you're sipping fresh Cold Brew! It doesn't get any simpler than that. Image source: Canva Pro


You will need:

  • 90 g - 100 g coarsely ground coffee
  • ajam jar (paper filter or canvas) or you can use a French Press
  • 1 l of cold and preferably filtered water


  1. Grind your coffee beans
  2. Slowly pour in cold water
  3. Stir and seal
  4. Leave to infuse for at least 16 hours (e.g. overnight)

After 16 hours, pour the coffee from the jar through a filter or cloth into another jar for storing the finished Cold Brew ( press the coffee down in the French Press and also pour). The coffee will keep in the fridge for almost two weeks without a problem. However, we have never been able to confirm this, we usually drank it within two days. We like it best on ice with a slice of citrus.

Video recipe: How to prepare Cold Brew at home


When choosing your coffee, choose beans that have a variety of aromas and flavours, as they stand out the most in Cold Brew. Choose according to what you like. In general, as with any proper coffee preparation, you need quality coffee. Which is freshly roasted and ground. You should ideally use your coffee within a month of roasting and alwaysgrind it just before brewing.

After all, a reliable grinder is a staple for every coffee drinker and home barista. Because only freshly ground beans bring out the great flavours of coffee we want to taste. With Cold Brew this is also true. If you've fallen in love with Cold Brew, you'll appreciate the electric coffee grinder, which makes it easy to brew even large quantities of coffee at once.