How to make the perfect cup of coffee in the Hario V60

V60 as a symbol of the third coffee wave

Hario began producing kitchenware for the home more than100 years ago, but one of its most significant moments came several years later. It was the research into temperature-resistant glass, the so-called "Hario Glass", which brought the products into many kitchens and cafés around the world.

In the barista world, Hario is a symbol of the third wave of coffee. It represents modern coffee preparation with respect for the raw material and the work of all the people involved in the coffee. TheDripper V60 is their flagship product, but they produce many morecoffee accessories.

Choosing a Hario V60 by size

The V60 has long since become more than just one. Everyone can choose their own according to preference. The brand's portfolio includes drippers in 3 sizes - 01, 02, 03.

If you prepare a cup of coffee just for yourself, choose theHario V60 - 01version . This dripper has the right size for a single coffee drinker. If you decide to invite a visitor for coffee, or if you really need a lot of coffee, reach for the larger version marked as Hario V60 - 02.

Size 03 is designed for up to 3 coffee drinkers and you can only get it in plastic.

All materials offer several color treatments. Which V60 is right for you? Image source: Mirka Vnenková

Choosing a Hario V60 by material