How to prepare a refreshing iced tea


Why make iced tea at home when you can buy ready-made iced tea in seconds at the store? The secret is in the contents. It's about our health. Store-bought iced tea is full of excess sugar, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives that we definitely don't want to drink. What we don't know about store-bought tea is exactly what it is made of and how it is made. Better take a moment and make your homemade tea exactly to your liking. You will see that you will also like it more. And most importantly, you'll know exactly what's in it.


The term ORGANIC is something we all encounter around every corner. It's a hit nowadays, but that's actually a good thing. But few people can explain what BIO actually is. If a product bears the label BIO, it means that the product has been produced according to the principles of organic farming.

Inour shop you can buy organic teas from two producers. One of them is a small family company Květomluva. Behind Květomluva are Mr. and Mrs. Fryzelka, who grow and hand-pick herbs for their teas on their own meadow Hájek in the southernmost part of Wallachia. Thanks to their teas, you will find yourself in a Wallachian meadow in one sip.

The second producer is the slightly larger company Sonnentor, which works with organic ingredients to create quality products. Thanks to their own cultivation of herbs in the Czech Republic, they underline the idea of their philosophy based on hand processing and sustainability.



We don't always have enough time to prepare iced tea. With this variant you will have it ready in a few minutes. It issuitable for preparing most teas. Classically, you pour boiling water over the tea, or if it is green tea, water at 80 °C. Use approximately 15 grams of loose teaper litre of water , or 3 funnel bags of good quality portioned tea. Leave to infuse according to the instructions on the tea box. Then remove the tea from the container and top up with plenty of ice. Ideally around 500 grams of ice. The temperature shock will develop theflavour of the tea and give the drink that intense taste that everyone loves so much.


If you have the time, choose this more time-consuming option. Let the tea macerate preferably overnight. What does this mean? Simply leave the tea to steep cold, similar to the way you would withcold brew coffee. This is especially suitable for green teas, but feel free to try other variations as well.

The tea leaves will develop more slowly and gradually in cold water. The resulting flavour will be more delicate, better tasting and the tea's true aroma will come through.

Use about 15 grams of loose tea per 1 litre of cold water. Pour over the tea and leave to infuse overnight in the fridge.


Try iced fruit teas. They are a great substitute for sweetened lemonade. Teach yourself and your children to drink a healthy option. Supplement fruit tea with fresh fruit. They're great with fresh raspberries, strawberries or blackberries. Add mint leaves or lemon balm as well. And healthy lemonade is just around the corner.


Taste the herbal teas fromWallachia and make iced tea with them. We recommend the loose tea Wallachian Summer. Its packaging contains really summer - mint, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blue cornflower flower. It is all in organic quality.

For easier tea preparation, try using a French press. It is not only suitable for making coffee, but also for making tea. Pour the desired amount of tea into the container and cover with cold water. Leave to infuse overnight in the fridge. At the end, just press the strainer down and you're ready to serve.


Don't be afraid to try something new. Hemp teas are very popular. Not only is it very refreshing to taste but it is also good for our bodies. It is full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It effectively fights fatigue, stress and morning sickness.

Prepare your iced cannabis tea using one of the two variants and flavour with freshly squeezed lime juice, for example.

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