How to prepare coffee in Chemex

Chemex dazzles with its minimalist look, reminiscent of an hourglass. Thesimple design is also supported by the materials it is made of: borosilicate glass, wood and leather. It is a classic method of alternative coffee preparation, which consists of manually pouring water into it, which drips through the ground coffee. When used, Chemex will surprise you with the resulting cup of beautifully pure coffee. Thepaper filter that is used in the preparation process is made up of four layers and is slightly coarser than conventional drip coffee machine filters. This way, more particles and sediment are captured. The taste of the coffee is sweet and strong when done correctly .


This beautiful coffee machine is classified as a manual drip machine, but it is thanks to the coarseness of its filters that it achieves a higher extraction time. This means that theground coffee is in contact with hot water for a longer time than, say, the V60. Not only do the filters trap more solid particles, but they also don't let through the amount of oils contained in the roasted coffee. Chemex thus offers room for the more subtle flavours of coffee that might be overlooked inother brewing methods.

Drinking coffee prepared in Chemex gives you the opportunity to enjoy thefull range of flavours that this coffee offers. Because of this characteristic, roasted coffees, which have a more varied flavour profile, are an excellent choice for this method of filter coffee preparation.

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You will need your favourite mug and

This procedure is tuned for the standard 6-cup version of the Chemex. The coffee to water ratio in the basic recipe is 6g of coffee per 100ml of water. So for a standard Chemex you will need 30g of coffee and 500ml of water. The water temperature for brewing is 94°C, it may vary depending on the type of coffee you choose. The brewing time is around3-4 minutes.

    1. First ,place the paper filter in the Chemex by opening it so that there are 3 layers on one side and only one on the other. Place the filter in the Chemex with the paper filter opened in this way. (When inserting the filter, be careful to position it correctly, the part of the filter with more layers is towards the front of the Chemex.)
    2. Rinse theplaced filter carefully with hot water. Weigh your coffee and grind it. Thecoffee for the Chemex is a medium coarse grind, a little finer than for brewing in the V60. It could be compared to the texture of coarse sand.
    3. Pour the water out of the Chemex after rinsing and pour the ground coffee into the wet filter. Align and start slowly watering.
    4. First, pour 90 ml of hot waterover the coffee so that all the ground coffee is wet. Let the coffee "bloom" for30 seconds.
    5. After the "blooming" period, add the remaining 470 ml of hot water. Pour the coffee in gradually in a circular motion. Once the coffee is flowing, remove the filter and stir the coffee in the container.
    6. Enjoy your coffee.

Do not pour the water around the edges, rather circle the water stream closer to the centre to allow the coffee to flow evenly.

How to make Chemex


Chemex encourages experimentation. Thanks to its simple design and ease of use, it gives us room to try out different differences in coffee preparation. As each coffeehas its own original potential, each one also has its own original preparation, or recipe if you prefer. Be original and try different water and coffee ratios, or perhaps change the temperature of the water.


When preparing filter coffee in Chemex, it is more important than with other alternative coffee preparation methods to rinse the paper filter thoroughly with water.

We rinse the filters with hot water to rid them of the unpleasant paper aftertaste that would otherwise be transferred to our cup of coffee. We have to be more consistent with Chemex when rinsing the filter , as their filters are much coarser than others. This is why we need to pour more hot water over the filter.


The glass from which Chemex is made is a non-porous material. This characteristic also makes it easy to maintain. Usually, you just need to rinse it off from the coffee under a stream of water. When the leather strap is loosened, the wooden handle of the Chemex is also released. When we take it off, we can put the glass carafe in the dishwasher.

It's alsoquite easy to make teain the Chemex . Pour the finely crushed tea leaves or herbs into the rinsed filter and pour hot water over them.


Chemex was brought to the world by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. Dr. Schlumbohm studied chemistry at the University of Berlin. While working in America, where he was attracted by patent laws, he used his chemical knowledge to design a coffee machine with the most precise filtration method.

In addition to the Chemex, he had around 300 inventions patented. The most successful of these is the Chemex, which is appreciated not only by coffee lovers but also by design enthusiasts. Itsunique design has made it one of the best-designed modern productssince 1958 and is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The original and best-selling version is the Chemex with a wooden handle tied with a leather strap for about 6 cups of coffee. In addition to this classic, a smaller Chemex with half the volume is also made, also with a wooden handle and strap. We can also find a glass-only Chemex, which is held by a glass tab.

Preparing filter coffee using the Chemex method


  1. It is one of the simplest drip coffee machines.
  2. It's also a work of art.
  3. It captivates every visitor because coffee is not only prepared but also served in it.
  4. The Chemex is not demanding to operate and can forgive a little inattention during preparation.
  5. It also offers the space to create your own personal coffee
  6. Thecoffee from it is clean, free of haze and full of flavour.
  7. If you don't want coffee, you can use the container as a water carafe. In addition to coffee, you can also prepare tea in it.

If you have also fallen in love with Chemex, you will find it, the tools and the coffee to prepare it in our e-shop. However, the Chemex is only one of the ways to make good coffee at home.

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