How to prepare coffee in the Kalita Wave dripper

Alternative coffee preparation method

Have you bought aKalita Wave dripper but don't know how to use it? Don't worry, its preparation is absolutely simple andcan be done by anyone from the comfort of their own home. We'll guide you step by step and together we'll create a delicious cup of coffee.

Kalita Wave is one of the alternative methods of coffee preparation. They are the solution to make good coffee easily and affordably from home. They are based on filtered coffee and significantly affect the taste of the resulting drink.

Kalita Wave

It is the ideal tool for easy preparation of drip coffee. The Kalita Wave dripper resembles afunnel in shape and is easy to prepare and maintain. It can be purchased in two sizes - the smaller 155 or the larger 185, depending on how large you prefer your cups.

Dripper Kalita Wave 185

  • In stainless and glass versions.
  • to brew 1-4 cups of coffee
  • for paper filters Kalita Wave 185

Dripper Kalita Wave 155

  • smaller sibling of the Kalita Wave
  • Made from premium steel
  • it will make 1-2 cups of coffee
  • for paper filters Kalita Wave 155

Basic recipe for Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave Recipe:
  1. Measure and grind your coffee.
  2. Place paper filter in the Kalita Wave and rinse with hot water to remove the paper taste (cellulose). Finally, pour everything out so that no water remains in the Kalita.
  3. Pour the ground coffee into the filter so that the coffee is evenly spread across the bottom and place the Wave on the top of the carafe or coffee cup.
  4. Pour in the first part of the water and let bloom. Then stir the coffee gently with a spoon.
  5. After 30 seconds, pour the water over the coffee again in a spiral motion from the center outwards.
  6. Then slowly pour the remaining water into the dripper to keep the water level near the top of the funnel.
  7. Allow the coffeeto drip for a while, when it is all dripped you are done.

paper filters
15 g coffee
fine adjusting the grinding coarseness of the coffee on the grinder
250 g hot water (92 degrees)

See how it all works

Kalita Wave VS. V60

It may seem that Kalita's method of preparation remotely resembles just V60. However, it is quite significantly different. Thecoffee extraction isvery different in the two methods. The Kalita has a flat bottom dripper and there are three holes where the filtered coffee flows through. This ensures a regulated flow of water that produces an even and consistent cup of coffee. Unlike the V60 which has only one opening and the bottom is conical.

Kalita cancompensate for inaccuracies thanks to its technology , and this makes its preparation even more enjoyable. You can prepare it without a barista pot. You can make Kalitaeven on the go and enjoy a good filter in the middle of nature.

Kalita is one of the many alternative methods of preparing coffee. There are several methods, each with a different preparation and a different resulting taste. Besides Kalita, this includes the traditional moka pot, French press or V60 for example.

Making coffee can become such a pleasant ritual that you will be happy to repeat every morning. With the Kalita Wave you can do it easily, quickly and enjoy a great cup of coffee as a reward.

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