How to prepare espresso in a flair coffee machine

Flair Espresso Coffee Machine - First Steps

The Flair's advantage as a travel espresso machine also means you need to prepare for espresso. In addition to setting up the machine's construction, get your grinder and scale ready and get the water boiling. Heating the water is the most complicated part of the whole process. That is, unless you're currently using Flair Espresso in the comfort of your home with a barista kettle on hand.

However, with outdoor coffee making on a Flair Espresso Machine, you are forced to source your water through alternative routes:

  • Having a kettle and a travel brewer with you.
  • have a really good thermos for water

How to adjust the coffee grinding coarseness for Flair Espresso

A good coffee machine is a third of a good espresso. The others are your barista skills, and most importantly properly ground coffee. A common mistake is underestimating just the coffee grinder. Yet its quality is directly reflected in the taste of the coffee. Once you have a good grinder, the next step is to learn how to set it up. So, how to do it?

First, find the initial setting, i.e. the position of the grinding stones - the grinder setting that allows you to make about 40 g of espresso in 25-35 s. Further adjustments to the setting will then be in minor shifts.

How much espresso coffee in the Flair coffee machine

In the previous paragraph I described 40 g of espresso as a stepping stone. The usual "brew ratio" for espresso is 1:2, but it may be slightly different. Depending on the coffee selected, for example 1:28, etc. This means that we need togrind 20 g ofroasted coffee for the 40 g of final coffee. The input value, i.e. the amount of ground coffee you put into the machine, varies slightly between the different Flair Espresso models.

  • coffee machine with head Flair 58: capacity for 16-20 g of coffee and 90 ml of water
  • coffee machine with head Flair PRO2: capacity at 16-24 g of coffee and 70 ml of water
  • coffee machine with head Flair Standard: capacity at 12-18 g of coffee and 60 ml of water

Step by step instructions for Flair Espresso

Making the perfect espresso, in any coffee machine, starts with preparing a test espresso. That is to say, the coffee on which you decide how to further adjust the grinder settings. For coffees with a more uniform flavor profile, such as espresso blends, chances are you won't be moving the espresso recipe around every day. Single origin coffees are then more susceptible to behavioral changes during extraction. Similarly, those beans that are fresh from roasting

1. Getting the Flair Espresso machine ready

2. Warming up the machine head

3. Grinding and frothing the required amount of coffee

4. Assembling the machine head

5. Adding hot water

6. Extracting the espresso

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