How to prepare Frappé at home

The history of Frappé: how did Greek frappé originate?

Frappé, or Greek frappe, was created at the Thessaloniki International Fair in September 1957. The representative of Nestlé, Yannis Dritsas, was exhibiting a new chocolate drink for children made from chocolate powder and milk shaken in a shaker. Dimitris Vakondios, an employee of Dritsas, wanted to indulge in his daily dose of caffeine during the break, as usual.

Reportedly, there was no hot water available. Or maybe he was just craving an icy refreshment. Eitherway, he grabbed a shaker, mixed the coffee with cold water and the Frappé was ready. Frappé officially became thenational Greek drink in 1979 and was exported to many European countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, the USA and Australia.

Frappé vs Iced Coffee

What's the real story with Frappé and iced coffee? Especially in summer, we come across this one every day. Guests order an iced coffee without knowing what they have ordered. Some people think of iced coffee as the familiar calorie bomb of espresso, ice cream and whipped cream. For others, it's an iced cappuccino, iced latte or even a Frappé.

What is an iced cappuccino or iced latte?

Again, ice and milk are whipped in a shaker (frappé mixer), but espresso is added separately to the cold milk foam. Depending on the amount of milk, it is either a latte or a cappuccino.

There is only one frappé!

Many people are convinced that instant coffee is the main ingredient, but nowadays many cafes or restaurants pride themselves on good quality coffee. From the article What is instant coffee you can then judge for yourself why this is the case. For most baristas, then, the basic ingredient for Frappé is a good, quality espresso.

There are no rules for iced coffee

Nowadays, iced coffee really takes many forms. There are no limits to the barista's imagination. If you like your coffee with milk, you will not be disappointed by the aforementioned iced cappuccino or iced latte, which they will make in any establishment. Of course, you can also make it yourself at home with a milk frother. Big sinners will be pleased with iced coffee combined with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

But since it is the whipped cream that overpowers the taste of the coffee, few cafes will make it for you. If you drink coffee without milk, you can't go wrong with espresso on ice. However, the ideal choice is, for example, Cold Brew, which is extracted for up to 14 hours. Because Cold Brew is made from cold water, the taste is milder and fuller.

How to prepare Frappé at home

Preparing Frappé at home is not difficult. You can do it in no time, but the main thing is to have enough ice to make it a proper refreshment. Just like in Greece. Let's do it.

Iced refreshment from freshly brewed coffee? Try making an espresso Frappé. top it up with milk, perhaps coconut milk, for a real summer treat. Image source:

Ingredients for homemade Frappé

  • Espresso
  • 1 teaspoon cane sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • 6 ice cubes
  • Milk ( you can omit milkaltogether or substitute vegetable milk)
  • Frappé mixer or cocktail shaker

Recipe for Espresso Frappé

  1. Add a few ice cubes, your favorite espresso and milk to a blender or shaker. If you're sweetening, I recommend making a sugarsyrupinstead of sugar . Anyone can really make it. Pour a couple of teaspoons of cane sugar over hot water and stir well until liquid consistency. It's easy, quick and you can be sure that the sugar will dissolve completely in the coffee.
  2. Blend or shake all the ingredients in a shaker until you have a thick and glossy froth. Pour the finished Frappé into a tall glass, add a straw and garnish with coffee beans for effect. At the end, you can flavour the Frappé with homemade caramel or even vanilla syrup.

For even more enjoyment, you can "tun" theice cubes directly from the coffee. Simply pour coffee instead of water into the ice cube trays, freeze and the coffee bomb is born.

Recipe for caramel coffee syrup


  • 250 ml crystal sugar
  • 180 ml water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt

The caramel syrup is best prepared in a deeper saucepan. Pour in the sugar, cover with 60 ml of water and let it cook over a low heat. Keep stirring until the sugar has dissolved. When the syrup starts to bubble, stop stirring and check the colour only occasionally. The water will gradually evaporate and the syrup will caramelize.

Be carefulnot to let the syrup darken too much, the flavor will be too bitter to the point of burning. Once you see the syrup starting to turn golden, remove the saucepan from the stove and immediately pour in the remaining water, ideally hot, stirring with a whisk. Finally, stir in the vanilla and salt. Do not cook further. Let the finished syrup cool and pour into the bottle. Store preferably in the fridge.

How to prepare Frappé without shaker?

If you don't have a blender or shaker, youcan make frappé with a milk frother. Just mix the coffee with water, froth it, add milk and ice and you're ready to go. You can also pull out a regular mason jar or wide-mouth pet bottle. This way, however, you won't get the smooth and supple foam that makes frappes so beloved.

Frappé not only for vegans

It's a daily routine. Not a day goes by that I don't encounter a guest in the café who asks for a plant or alternative milk. That's why I think every barista should have it on hand. There are several types. My favorite is definitely thecoconut or almond drink. The combination of these nuts with an iced Frappé will also please the "non-vegan". In addition, with Barista Professionals plant milks you can also conjure up beautiful latte art when used in a classic cappuccino or latte.

Do you know Shakerato?

Do you already know Frappé and wouldyou like to try something new? As a final tip, I'd like to share with you this great creamy coffee cocktail that will come in handy whether you're enjoying the sunshine in the garden or lounging at home in this chilly weather and just craving some of that coffee goodness.

Ingredients for Shakerato

  • Espresso
  • 100 ml milk
  • 10g cane sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Ice

Recipe for Shakerato iced coffee

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Keep in mind that the intense shaking, which aerates the coffee, turns the espresso into a texture of velvety and creamy foam. So the more patience, the better the experience. The result is really more efficient. When you're done, you just pour everything into aglass filled with ice and youcan sprinkle real vanillato brighten the taste .

The creamy texture of iced coffee prepared in a shaker will blow you away. The recipe for Shakerato is simple. Image source: Canva for

Not sure what coffee to choose for your Frappé?

There are many recipes for these iced coffee specialties. It just depends on your palate and maybe even your imagination. You can flavour your coffee in any way you like. But remember, thebest coffee flavour is just that, coffee flavour, made from quality freshly roasted coffee.

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