How to use the Nivona automatic coffee machine

How to start the Nivona coffee machine?

Where else to start but unpacking. The moment you've taken all the parts of the machine out of the box, it's best to wipe them down. Then plug the coffee maker into a power outlet and turn it on using the side button. Wait for the coffee machine to heat up.

What to know before you make your first cup of coffee?

Your very first cup of coffee may not be exactly to your liking, and you'll need to try out what you're more comfortable with first - the temperature, the strength, or the size of the drink. But to make this thorny journey not so thorny, follow my advice.

Use filtered water

A water reservoir is handy. You can refill the water directly into it, but you can also take it out without a problem, thanks to the seal that's on the bottom.

You don't have to fill it to the brim, but always use fresh water and ideally filtered water too. Limescale wouldn't do your coffee machine any good, plus your coffee will taste better with filtered water.

Add a little more water than you need for your coffee. The water is also used by the coffee maker to automatically clean itself when it is turned on and off. For this, ideally prepare a cup or other smaller container. You can turn this feature on or off in settings -> flushing.

To make the care of your coffee machine even more perfect, your tank should not lack a water filter.

Use quality beans

You can't go without quality beans for a great cup of coffee. Even in a machine, you can prepare a cup of coffee full of the flavours that fine coffee has to offer, so don't underestimate your choice of coffee. Ideally for automatic coffee machines, choose espresso roasted coffee .

Always pour just a little more coffee into the machine than you use. The coffee hopper is not ideal for storing coffee, so reach for avacuum containerinstead . I have also found that it is not possible to weigh out the coffee and only add enough for one cup, as the machine still reports a lack of beans.

Coffee machine options and settings

Thanks to the display, all the settings are beautifully clear. You control the coffee machine primarily with the right-hand button. You change drinks by spinning it and selecting an option by pressing it. The left button is used to adjust the coffee strength.

The right button is the most important to control the coffee maker. You can adjust practically everything with it.

With the coffee machine you can prepare 7 drinks:

  • Espresso
  • Caffé crema
  • Caffé Lungo
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Hot milk

The coffee machine can also be used to dispense hot water only.

You can change the characteristics of the drink, both once just before it is prepared and in the long term in the settings. You can find this in the menu after the beverage selection.

What can I set on the Nivona coffee machine?
coffee recipes the ability to adjust the temperature, volume and aroma of each drink
filter setting whether there is a filter in the tank
water hardness 4 options for the hardness of the water you use
temperature high, maximum, individual (different for each drink)
language coffee machine language
automatic shutdown 30 minutes, 1 hour, ...
rinsing on start-up, on switch-off
production settings factory reset option
statistics quantity of prepared drinks
bluetooth possibility to connect with phone

Espresso with Nivona

Making espresso with Nivona is really simple.

  1. You switch on the machine and make sure you have enough beans and water.
  2. You're ready to brew your favourite cup.
  3. You'll find an espresso drink on the menu. If you need to change the volume and intensity, which is indicated on the display by three beans.
  4. Now all you have to do is press start, wait a few seconds for the espresso to brew and enjoy your cup of coffee.

You'll do the same for other non-dairy beverages such as lunga or americana.

The difference between the different espresso drinks is mainly in the size and therefore the amount of water used.

How to make milk drinks with Nivona?

If you decide to make a cappuccino or latte macchiato with Nivona, the process is a little more complicated, but the result is worth it.

On the side of the coffee dispenser, there is a hole into which you need to tuck the tubing along with a small plastic part you found in the package. Thetubing is then pushed into the milk container, or it can be pushed directly into the milk box.

After that, just choose your favourite drink or adjust the settings as you would with an espresso machine.

With Nivona, you can prepare your favourite iced coffee in minutes

Caring for Nivona

How often to clean the machine and with what? I'll tell you more about that in this chapter.

Daily maintenance

The coffee maker should always be cleaned after use, you don't want to make coffee over dried residue.

The first type of cleaning is rinsing. This is what the coffee maker will alert you to before each shutdown, unless you choose otherwise in the settings. Just confirm the call to action. For rinsing, ideally have a container ready for the water to drain into.

The cleaning prompt from the coffee machine will also come after each time you make a milk drink. To clean the milk nozzle, you need to prepare two containers. One into which the water from the nozzle will flow and the other into which the dirty water from the coffee maker will flow. You can also curl the nozzle into a drip tray and let the waste flow out there.

Cleaning the Nivona automatic coffee machine

In addition to refilling the beans, you also need to think about emptying the waste and drain pan. You can do this cleaning every day, of course, but it's not entirely necessary. With normal use, it is sufficient to empty the log every second or third day. If the waste is really full, the coffee machine will alert you.

Another part of maintenance is cleaning with a tablet. If the machine needs to be cleaned, the S11 symbol will appear on the display. The tablet is inserted into the bean hopper compartment.

Detailed instructions for this deep cleaning can be found in the enclosed instructions on page 17.

You can also find out whether the coffee machine needs to be cleaned in the menu. Just after the settings there is a maintenance icon. Here you can start the cleaning of the frothing nozzle, the clean system function or decalcify the system.

When cleaning the coffee machine thoroughly, the interior also needs to be cleaned.

  1. You take off the right side wall of the coffee maker.
  2. Use the red button to release the lever and turn it up.
  3. Now all you have to do is pull out the inside of the coffee maker and clean the coffee residue from the coffee
Cleaning may look very complicated, but just like operation, it is very simple.

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