How we ensure the freshness of coffee

1. Where does the process start?
2. We follow every step
3. Don't hesitate to ask us

Although we'll reveal our magic, we don't make magic out of sticks - we have it in our hands.
Thanks to our green coffee suppliers, our packaging staff, and most importantly, our experienced roaster, we're able to bring you the finest beans of choice.

Where does the process start?

In our quest for freshness, we start with a selection of unroasted green coffee - from reputable suppliers such as Algrano, Coffee Quest and Sucafina.

Once the green coffee is delivered, you play a role - we'll roast what's needed based on all orders. Because delivering fresh coffee to your home is important, we never deliver beans older than 14 days. We pack everything in special food-grade packaging, ship it out, and it arrives to you in a fragrant package.

We follow every step

Our secret helper is Cropster. Thanks to this software, we are able to monitor and control every step of the roasting process. This software gives us detailed information about temperature, time and other key factors. Cropster helps us to achieve consistent results.

To give you an idea, here is a graphic of our roasting process:
For example, the line with the highlighted points represents the temperature as the grains develop in real time.


- Once the coffee beans are loaded into the already heated roaster, the temperature drops rapidly.
The moment when the temperature of the beans begins to match the temperature of the roaster is called the "turning point."

Color is undoubtedly the first thing most of us would think of when the changes in the roasting process are mentioned.
"Color change" refers to the change in color from a yellowish color, to a light brown, to the significant dark brown color of the beans

The third point shows the "first crack", or the first bursting of the beans.
This phenomenon results in pressure building up inside the beans which is too great and so gases are released.
This produces a popping of the kernels that sounds similar to microwave popcorn.

Here in the picture we can see the 3 main parts in the roasting process:

- The drying process,
- the Maillard reaction,
- and the development time after the first crack.

You can learn about each part directly in our article that focuses on roasting.

We want every cup of our coffees to bring you the joy and energy you deserve.

See for yourself - secure your share of fresh coffee now and order yours now. Your taste buds are eagerly awaiting the freshest experience. Be part of our coffee family. Contact us and find out what true freshness means!

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