HuskeeCup: eco-friendly travel mug

As the number of people demanding quality coffee continues to grow, so does the percentage of those who take their drink from the café to the office, the park, the car or public transport in a disposable cup. Unfortunately, this is associated with a huge amount of waste.

To give you an idea: in the Czech Republic, we are talking about about340 million coffee cups a year; globally it is 600 billion. Yes, 600 billion.

Afew years ago, Saxon Wright and his colleague Adrian Chen from New South Wales, Australia, noticed thisand decided to take action. They founded Huskee and, with the help of subscribers on the crowdfunding platform, started producing eco-friendly, reusable coffee cups. HuskeeCup was born.

HUSKeeCup - a real eco cup or kudos to upcycling

"If a cup is reusable, it's eco-friendly," one naturally thinks. But this may not be entirely true if new, often not entirely environmentally friendly, materials are used to produce it.

Theabove-mentioned gentlemen perfected their new coffee cup by making it out of the waste that is produced invirtually any coffee processingprocess , the so-called parchment - the huskthat encases each bean. These husks are then used to make a biopolymer - the material that has become the basis for a nearly indestructible yet compostable travel mug for your favourite beverage.

Why is the HuskeeCup better than any other thermo mug?

In addition to the aforementioned durability, the HuskeeCup stands out in particular for itsunmistakable design, which is not an end in itself. The perpendicular ribbing, by which the HuskeeCup can be easily identified, has been imprinted on the cup for better heat dissipation. This means you can take your freshly brewed coffee out of the café without fear of a hot disposable cup.

At the same time - even though it's not a classic vacuum thermos - your drink won't get cold as quickly as in paper or other thin-walled plastic. Especially when using the HuskeeCup in the version with a lid (can also be purchased separately), which makes it possible to drink while walking or driving.

Then the cup becomes a real and full-fledged partner on your journey. Whether you're taking the stroller around the park or the car to work, you can take the HuskeeCup with you as it fits in most universal cup holders.

Design and sustainability

It's worth mentioning here that in 2018, Huskee, in collaboration with Vert DesignStudio, won the prestigious Good Design Award for the HuskeeCup . And speaking of awards...

Theentire production process, from the husk to the finished cup, is certified with the badge of the multinational non-profit organisation B Lab, which assesses environmental performance, social sustainability and overall transparency when awarding its certification.

So you can have peace of mind when you buy, knowing that Huskee behaves in an environmentally friendly way and that its employees are treated with the utmost fairness.

Eco-friendly coffee cups for everyone!

At Huskee, everyone has been thought of when developing the cup. That is why it is available inseveral sizes. You don't have to worry that your favourite caffè latte won't fit in a small travel cup or that you'll be looking for your flat white in the bottom of a large container.

In our e-shop you can choose from 3 variants:

  • 160 ml - ideal for a cappuccino
  • 240 ml - for caffè latte
  • 350 ml - for a good batch of batch brew on the way to work

All in 2 colours - light natural and dark charcoal. And as the icing on the cake - cute saucers!

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