Iced coffee. Inspiration, guides and recipes for the perfect iced coffee

The classic iced coffee of summer gardens

  • tall glass
  • 1-2 dl water
  • espresso
  • vanilla ice cream
  • whipped cream

Stack everything gradually on top of each other. At the end, sometimes decorate with more whipped cream on top. Either with cocoa, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, or perhaps chopped nuts, biscuits or other sprinkles.

Why don't I use this traditional iced coffee recipe?

There was a time when I had the above described coffee in a candy store too. Well, there weren't even any choice coffee shops back then. As retro as it is, there are some things you just grow out of. Like this iced coffee.

Peering up to the bar after ordering this coffee, eventoday in a classic coffee shop I see the same process. A little tap water as a base in which to spread the espresso. Of course, prepared from a dark blend of a well-known Italian coffee.

I turn a blind eye to the choice of coffee and the use of unfiltered water, but the continuation does not improve. The cheapest "vanilla" ice cream from the supermarket and whipped cream on top, nicely made from spray. Maybe some people like this combination, I would rather pay for something of much better quality in a cafe or candy store.

Modified recipe for retro iced coffee

  • 4 ice cubes
  • doppio (double espresso)
  • fair cream ice cream
  • whipped 30% cream

Pre-fill your ice mold, preferablywith filtered water, and freeze. When preparing, then scoop theice into a glass and extract the double espresso directly onto it. From choice coffee of course. We have also newly introduced this as Espresso in a capsule, so that even capsule machine owners are not deprived of quality coffee.

It is the immediate cooling of the espresso before it touches the bottom of the cup that is important to preserve the good full-bodied taste and aroma of the coffee. Melting ice will then naturally lengthen and soften the strong coffee.

There is nothing to do but sit a spoonful ofgood ice cream on top of the coffee . And for the biggest sweet tooth, whip up somefresh whipped cream. In addition to a hand whisk, you can use an electric milk frother, a kitchen whisk or a whipped cream bottle.

How to make iced coffee with whipped cream

Especially in winter, coffees with whipped cream had an advantage. Perhaps because the creamer cap acted as a lid and extended the cooling time of the coffee. In summer, enjoy ice-whipped cream on your coffee, which is also on this iced version of Irish Coffee.

  • 1,5-2,5 dl glass on a stem
  • ice
  • strong black coffee (quantity depending on the glass)
  • 0.2 ml maple syrup (to taste)
  • 0.3 ml Irish whiskey (depending on mood)
  • whipping cream
  • shaker (sealable container)

Instructions for making Irish coffee on ice

Put ice in a glass, top with syrup and a shot of whisky. Pour in coffee and stir thoroughly. Puttwo ice cubes and about 1 dl of cream in a shaker. Shake well. Carefully layer the cold, thick but still liquid whipped cream on top of the coffee. Pouring over a spoon will help.

What kind of coffee for iced Irish?

Original Irish coffee is made from filter coffee. Therefore, prepare acold filter for this summer variation as well. Personally, I recommend blending Iced Irish Coffee from what is called Chill brew, or from Cold Brew concentrate.

The latter is prepared like classic Cold Brew, only the ratio of water to coffee is adjusted. For example, to 1:4, so to a part of coffee is 4 parts of water. The coffee concentrate is diluted with water, or soda or tonic waterwhen used, usually half and half.

Cappuccino Freddo. Iced coffee with milk, frappe style.

An accident led to the invention of one of the most popular summer coffee drinks. The original Greek Frappe was born out of necessity, cold water and a little instant coffee. You'll like the modified cafe version called Café Freddo much better.

Instant coffee has been replaced by quality espresso, and for a more intense flavour, a double - doppio. The sweetness of the drink is enhanced by fresh whole milk. This needs to be well frothed (in a frapper, blender, or milk beater) and poured into a glass with espresso and ice.

Try a more exotic version, Freddo Coco coffee - I personally call it KFC. Damn good iced coffee is made like the original Freddo, but uses coconut milk. And you can serve it themed in a coconut, for example!

Drip iced coffee. How to make a Chill brew?

  • coffee from a drip coffee maker
  • a bottle with a cap
  • a pot of ice water

One of the options for making filtered cold brew coffee besides Cold Brew, Cold and Iced Drip Coffee is the Chill brew method. That is, brew that has rested in therefrigerator.

Similar to the preparation of iced espresso, aquick chill is essential . Prepare the drip coffee according to your own habit. No preference whether it be a batch brew from an automatic dripper, filtered coffeefrom a dripper like the Hario V60, or the Chemex method. The important thing is tocool the finished coffee immediately in ice water.

Cap the chilled bottle of Chill brew and store it in the fridge. Whenever you feel like a refreshing caffeine fix, just pour. Depending on the taste profile of the coffee you can garnish your glass of Chill brew with suitable fruit. Perhaps a slice of orange and sweeten with simple syrup (dissolved sugar).

Preparing iced coffee with ice cream

Didn't I already write the instructions for iced coffee with ice cream at the beginning of this article? You did, but there are probably a million ice-cream-coffee recipes. Or even more. Here's the best one for me- it's famous in summer instead of dessert.

How to make iced coffee tiramisu

  • Amaretto-flavoured ice cream
  • espresso
  • cocoa
  • two pastry biscuits

Start with a nice scoop of ice cream. Set it in a nice glass, bowl, or coffee cup. Make espresso and pour it over the ice cream. Nowdust a little with cocoa powder, and top with the biscuits. Just a spoonful, or that biscuit, in your hand and you're ready to eat!