Introduction of the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave coffee machines

The Aurelia Wave range of professional coffee machines

There are several features that set the Aurelia Wave range apart from the rest.

Smart Water Technology

The first is Smart Water Technology, which controls every drop of water that enters the machine. This is mainly because theespresso that is produced in the machine is 90%water. The coffee machine measures two properties:

  • hardness (TDS)
  • pH = acidity

Should the values deviate from the normal values, the coffee machine will alert you. This is because bad water could compromise both thefunctionality of the machine and the taste of the coffee. With the help of the SWT, you can get the full potential out of your coffee.

Espresso extraction under control with Pulse-Jet

Thanks to the Pulse Jet function, Nuova Simonelli has perfected espresso extraction. At the same time, even a non-competitive barista can prepare a truly top-quality coffee.

Normally, when you start espresso extraction, you will find that the coffee is immediately pressurised to9 bar. However, this is not the case with the Pulse Jet function. Thanks to this function, the extraction is divided into three parts - preinfusion, infusion and postinfusion, during which the pressure is gradually raised.

Preinfusion in this case works very similarly to filter coffee preparation. You wet the coffee in the portafilter, but then wait a while (blooming). Then comes the infusion and for this part we set how long we want it to last and how long the pause should be between this and the last stage.

During the poinfusion, the bitterness and full flavour of the coffee starts to come to the fore. By adjusting the pause time between each phase, we can ensure that the coffee is full-bodied but not bitter. Similarly, you can also suppress acidity. By adjusting the length of each phase, you can bring out different flavour profiles in the coffee.

A sustainable approach to coffee machine manufacturing

The third point that makes the Aurelia Wave what it is is the emphasis onsustainability. This is because at Nuova Simonelli, they have not only thought about what materials the coffee maker is made from and where they get them, but also about what happens tothe coffee maker once it has reached the end of its life. Saving energy when operating the coffee machines is also part of the sustainable mindset.

Making the barista's job easier

The coffee machine is also very user-friendly and hides many gadgets. Such as thelight at the nozzle, which automatically lights up when you start using the nozzle. Thehead rinse also works automatically . In case your cafe is busy, there is no need to think about whether or not you have flushed the head.

Connecting data from the coffee machine

In case you have multiple branches with the same coffee machine, you will undoubtedly appreciate the possibility of connecting the data from the coffee machine to the storage. You can then monitor how the coffee machines are set up at each branch, etc.

See all the gadgets in action

Compare Aurelia Wave coffee machine models

2GR, 3GR, Digit, V, UX. What do all these abbreviations mean? These are the names of the different models of Aurelia Wave coffee machines. To help you decide which coffee maker is right for you come with me to see how they compare.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2GR vs 3GR

All coffee makers are marked 2GR or 3GR. GR is the designation for the number of heads in the machine. If itis marked 2GR = the coffee maker has two heads. It is slightly smaller and will be appreciated more in a smaller or medium sized coffee shop.

Acoffee maker marked 3GR, and therefore three heads, will be a perfect choice for larger and busier cafes and establishments.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave V, UX and S

What do all these letters stand for?

S stands for semi-automatic . In the case of a semi-automatic coffee machine, the extraction must be stopped by pressing a button.

V stands for volumetrics - the machine is therefore fully automatic. Such coffee machines are consistent, reliable and allow the barista to perform other tasks while the cup is being extracted. Based on theextraction time setting, the coffee maker stops the extraction when it is over. Even so, it does not lack start/stop buttons.

The UX model is the perfect choice for cafés with a large number of baristas. The Aurelia Wave UX uses independent temperature settings to make the preparation of drinks even more personalised. The function allows the temperature parameters to be adjusted independently of the temperature of the individual heads. This allows for optimum beverage processing and the preservation of top quality.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit

The Digit designation hides nothing more than adigital touchscreen. It makes controlling the machine and adjusting the pressure, the batch size or the preinfusion time even easier.

This modelalso has a start/stop button, but the dosage is adjustable.

Temperature control with the Aurelia Wave T3

The T3 designation indicates that the coffee machine has T3 technology. This allows you to set the following parameters:

  • water temperature in the main boiler
  • thetemperature of theindividual boilers for each head
  • thetemperature for each individual head of the coffee machine.

Thanks to the display, setting the temperatures is very simple. And why is setting the temperatures good? With temperature control you can influence the individual flavor notes in your cup of coffee.

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