Introduction of Victoria Arduino Eagle coffee machines

A short look into the history

TheVictoria Arduinobrand has been supplying us with coffee machines since 1905. In 2001, the brand was sold to Nuova Simonelli. However, the collaboration between these 2 companies started much earlier, so this sale did not mean the end of the Victoria Arduino brand, but rather new opportunities.

The year 2015 brought us the first espresso machine of the Eagle series called Victoria Arduino Eagle Black. This became the official machine for theWorld Barista Championship (WBC) in the same year. However, it's not the only professional espresso machine in this series. I will introduce the machines in turn:

  • Victoria Arduino Eagle Black
  • Victoria Arduino Eagle White
  • Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick
  • Victoria Arduino Eagle One

T3 technology in every Victoria Arduino Eagle coffee machine

TheT3 technology has been specially developed by Nuova Simonelli in collaboration with research centres of the world's leading universities and renowned barista aces with experience in the world barista championships.

In particular, it ensures aperfectly flexible operation, as athree-point water temperature control is assigned to each coffee machine head . The display allows you to set the desired parameters in real time on the Eagle Black coffee machine. In short, the T3 is suitable for all coffee shops with high coffee consumption.

T3 technology in professional coffee machines. Source:

The T3 system gives professional baristas the following options:

  • Set the water temperature in the main boiler
  • Set a separate boiler for each head of the coffee machine
  • Independently and accurately adjust the temperature of the coffee head according to the baristas' needs

Gravimetric technology in the Eagle Black

TheEagle Black coffee machine was the official espresso machine for the 2015 to 2017World Barista Championships. The system in the machine can monitor all stages of espresso extraction. The higher version also has a gravitech function in it .

The feature is especially designed for professional baristas. Thegravimetric technology guarantees the extraction of a perfect espresso, which ismade with maximum control of the grammage ofthe espresso being prepared, throughout the entire extraction process. The grammage exactly matches the barista'sproposed recipe.

Gravitech in Victoria Arduino Eagle Black. Source.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Victoria Arduino Eagle Black Coffee Maker

???? T3 technology, extra cost model with gravitech

???? SIS Brewing system

???? Highest recommended number of coffees per day of all models - 500 for the 3-head machine

???? Cool Touch steam nozzle only on gravitech model

The Eagle White has Cool Touch nozzles at the base

With the Cool Touchnozzle , you don't have to worry about any burns. It is cool in any situation, therefore poses no danger to the barista. He can concentrate fully oncreating delicious milk foam.

Easy Cream technology is not standard on the Eagle White, but can be purchased.

You can retrofit your coffee machine with Easy Cream. The technology offers fast and professional milk frothing. It will allow any barista to create theperfect cappuccino, latte macchiato, or flat white. The innovative nozzle with opposing holes mixes steam with air. The result is the perfect coffee drink with frothed milk.

Vicotiria Arduino Eagle White with Cool Touch nozzles. Source.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Victoria Arduino Eagle White Coffee Maker

???? Cool Touch steam nozzle

???? HEES technology for optimal coffee preparation

???? T3 technology only in the higher range at extra cost

The Eagle Maverick is based on the Pure Brew extraction method

The Eagle Maverick is the high volume commercial espresso machine in the Eagle range. It features very significant innovations in energy efficiency and, in particular, apatented extraction method called "Pure Brew", designed to help expand the range of extraction options. It is the ideal for experimentation, which any professional barista is sure to appreciate.

The Maverick Pure Brew system includes a portafilter equipped with a conical, double-layered steel meshfilter. The machine's temperature capabilities and variable flow rate allows baristas to create low-pressure extraction recipes. You can make filtered coffee with this machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick Coffee Maker

???? T3 Genius technology with motor enhancement

???? Pure Brew System

???? Display with recipe storage

???? Unlike the Eagle One, it cannot be linked to a smart app

???? Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick Coffee Makers

New environmentally friendly motor optimization for the Eagle One coffee maker

TheEagle Onecoffee maker has been designed to have thelowest possible impact on the environment. In particular by adopting new technologies and a new motor optimisation. Carbon emissions from energy consumption are minimised by the use of new materials and the unique design of the machine. The Eagle One will also save you significant energy costs.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) has shown that Eagle One has 23% less environmental impact.

The Eagle One is environmentally friendly. Source.

Use the Victoria Arduino E1 App to control your coffee machine

Technology is moving forward significantly, even in the barista industry. TheVictoria Arduiono E1 Eagle One app is designed for this model line of coffee makers. You can manage your Eagle One coffee machine in an easy and smart wayusing the smart app. From coffee machine power settings, to the ability to share recipes from the cloud.

App available on Google Play and App Store.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Coffee Maker

???? Biggest cost savings and lowest environmental impact

???? Connecting to your phone with the app

???? Display with recipe storage

???? Lowest recommended number of coffees per day - 350 for a 2-head coffee maker

Victoria Arduino coffee grinders Mythos series

A professional espresso machine should not be accompanied by an equally perfect coffee grinder. It will help you prepare a cup of coffee of the highest quality. Victoria Arduino presents 4 coffee grinders with the Mythos brand, which differ in the size of the steel stones and the way they control the grit.

ClimaPro technology guarantees a constant grinding chamber temperature.

Mythos MY75 and 85 professional coffee grinders. Source. Source:

Mythos coffee grinders come with the idea of greater precision and control. A total of 3features give the grinders uniqueness:

  • New integrated touchscreen
  • More stable temperature, easier maintenance and perfect precision
  • Iconic design

You can get a grinder with 75 and 85 mm steel stones that are coated with titanium. They will last you for decades and still stay sharp. Of course, the size of the stones affects the grinding speed of the coffee.

  • The Mythos MY 75 mm has a speed in the range of 2.7 - 3.5 g/sec.
  • Mythos My 85 mm artificial 4-4.5 g/s

We also distinguish the weighing method. Similar to the Black Eagle coffee machines, you can get grinders with gravimetric technology for maximum weight control. This is of course reflected in the price.

Which Victoria Arduino professional coffee maker will be the right one for your operation?

This line of coffee makers really does offer it all. If you're serious about barista, one of these beautiful design pieces should definitely not be missing from your coffee shop. You can choose according to the following criteria:

  • Do you own a café with a high coffee consumption? Choose the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle coffee maker .
  • Do you like to experiment with coffee and want to create low-pressure extraction espresso recipes? Choose the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick coffee maker .
  • Do you want to save the environment while having control over your coffee machine with a smart app? The Victoria Arduino One coffee maker is the perfect choice for you .
  • Of course, don't forget to consider the number of heads, T3 technology and other aspects when making your choice.

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