Is a thermo or glass batch container better

Decide on a new drip tray based on the batch container

Are you a drip coffee lover and looking for a new coffee machine? Are you interested in a Moccamaster coffee maker and your main criteria are price, the reheat function, stainless steel material and size? Are you sure you haven't forgotten something?

When choosing a drip coffee maker, it is also important to filter by the batch container. Coffee makers come with a glass and a thermo carafe. This, of course, is reflected in their overall price.

You can buy a batch container with the coffee maker and use it instead of the original one that came with the coffee maker.

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Don't underestimate the choice, as the choice of glass or thermo carafe for your drip coffee maker will have a major impact on the freshness as well as the bitterness of the resulting coffee. I will list the essential differences between glass and thermo batch container below.

Glass carafe

This type of batch brew container is the most common and most often supplied with e.g. Moccamaster coffee machines . There are of course several types of glass vessels that arehighly heat resistant. The heating is done by ahotplate, which is underneath the carafe.

Glass is very fragile, so expect the carafe to be less durable than the thermo vessel if dropped on the floor. It is not recommended to leave freshly brewed coffee in the carafe onthe hob for a long time. Prolonged heating has a big effect on thebitterness of the coffee.

Glass batch containers can also beaesthetically interesting compared to thermal containers, which are all very strikingly similar. Glass also has the great property of beingnon-porous. Flavors and aromas won't leach into the jar, so you don't have to worry aboutmixing aromas and flavors.

Advantages and disadvantages of the glass carafe

???????? Cheaper than thermo carafes

???????? Glass is non-porous

???????? More representative than a thermo jar

???????? Needs a hot plate to keep the coffee warm
???????? Coffee turns bitter if left on the hob for a long time

???????? Prone to breakage

Thermo carafe

Thermal batch containers are the second most common type of carafe and are generally found inmore expensive drip coffee makers. Most of them are made of stainless steel and with two shells.

The double wall will allow the thermal carafe to keep the coffee warm for many hours without a heat source.

The design of the thermal carafe was suggested by Sir James Dewar, who needed a container to store and keep the cryogenic material cool. Your coffee will stay hot for hours after you have brewed it. You don't have to worry about the brewed coffee losing its aroma, flavour and becoming bitter.

Coffee makers with thermal batch containers usually do not come with brewing plates because they are not needed due to the carafe material. However, thermo carafes are significantly more expensive than their glass counterparts. However, they are better at keeping the coffee hot and unbreakable.

You will pay extra for a thermo canister in better drip coffee makers. Source:

The downside, however, can be its
appearance, as thermo carafes are one like the other. Almost all of them have the look and feel of a laboratory or military facility. If you're hosting a fancy dinner party, you'll want more of a glass batch container on the table.

Advantages and disadvantages of thermo carafes

???????? Keeps coffee hot for many hours without an external heat source

???????? More durable than glass carafes

???????? Coffee stays fresh and doesn't go bitter

???????? Weaker in design

???????? More expensive than a glass carafe

What to consider when choosing a glass or thermo batch container

It's important to consider where you' ll want to use the batch container and how many people you'll be making coffee for. If you're making coffee just for yourself and drinking it all in one sitting, you'll probably choose a glass container to save money.

However, if you want to use the carafe for alarge number of people, athermal carafe will definitely come in handy . You can brew the coffeeand refillit forhours as needed. Coffee prepared in a glass carafe and on the stovetop will be bitter and burnt after a while. The thermal carafe will keep the coffee hot longer.

Cheaper glass or the extra cost of a thermal carafe?

You already know everything you need, so it will certainly not be a problem for you to choose a suitable container for a batch brew or a whole drip coffee machine. Be sure to add the type of vessel to your criteria . The right choice can ensure, for example, that your brewed coffee stays hot longer in the container.