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History and present of Bezzera

Everyone in the coffee world knows the name Luigi Bezzera . And for those who don't, let's just remind them that it was this man, an Italian mechanic, who created the first real espresso machine or the very name espresso - that is "coffee on demand".

He would probably wonder himself where the Bezzera brand has gone in the last 100years.

Bezzera, a company founded in 1901 , is based near Milan in northern Italy. It employs around 100 people. They are involved in the production of high-endhome and professional coffee machines.

Much of the work is doneby hand. But Bezzera is not averse to progress and in recent years has incorporated many CNC machines and even robots into production. It all starts with pieces of stainless steel and copper sheet metal and piles of screws and ends with machines that hold a prominent position in the market as well as in cafes and homes.

The Bezzera Unica PID home lever coffee machine

Let's introduce the first of the coffee machines. This is the Bezzera Unica PID. Despite being the smallest of the coffee makers in today's article, it is not a complete minnow at 22 kilograms.

TheUnica PID is based on the classic concept of a small home lever coffee machine. Except that (like all today's coffee machines) it is built with professional components. These are dominated by the temperature-stable E61 head that we know from much more expensive machines. The coffee machine has a 3l water tank, which is further heated in a 0.5l boiler, which is definitely sufficient for home use. The water in the coffee machine is powered by a vibrating pump, which is standard for coffee machines of this type.

It is also clear from the name that theUnica PID uses a PIDsystem with a display and front-panel controlsto set the temperature . A built-in analogue pressure gauge is used for precise pressure control . The design of the coffee machine is completely in polished stainless steel, and the Unica PID will definitely be a highlight in your kitchen or office.

Magica S MN and Magica S PID lever coffee machines

Theslightly larger siblings of the Unica PIDcoffee machine described above are the Bezzera Magica machines .

TheBezzera Magica is very similar to the Unica PID. They differ mainly in their size. We have a 4l water tank and inside the 2l copper boiler we would find a heat exchanger. This ensures that even with this small single boiler coffee maker you can still whisk the milk while making coffee. Which is otherwise, without a second boiler for steam, practically impossible.

The Magica has a vibrating pump inside and a mirror-polished stainless steel exterior. It is completely manually operated and there are 2 pressure gauges to check the pressure. One for boiler pressure and the other to monitor head pressure. This one, by the way, is again an E61, how else.

Take a closer look at the Bezzera Magica S PID coffee machine

The difference between the Bezzera Magica S MN and the Magica S PID

As you can probably guess, the main difference between these machines is the PID temperature control. Like the Unica PID, the Magica S PID has a front-panel display with buttons that allow you to continuously adjust the coffee temperature in 1°C increments. From 80 °C to 100 °C.

Bezzera Mitica S, Mitica R and Mitica Top PID semi-professional coffee machines

Mitica is the next step up in the brand. Here again we find a 2lboiler with heat exchanger, a 4l water tank, 2 pressure gauges to control pressures and an E61head . The whole coffee machine gives a slightly more robust impression than the Magica.

What is fundamentally different here, however, is the use of arotary pump in particular in the case of the Bezzera Mitica R. The rotary pump principle used in professional coffee machines creates one of the undeniable advantages of these machines. This is the connection of the coffee machine to the water supply. This eliminates the need to constantly refill the water reservoir.

TheBezzera Mitica Top PID is essentially a Bezzera Mitica R but with PID temperature control and a display on the front panel of the machine. Again, the water temperature can be adjusted in one stage from 80 °C to 100 °C.

See how Bezzera coffee machines are born

Bezzera Duo MN and Duo DE

TheBezzera Duocoffee machines are the first Bezzera coffee machines with 2 boilers. Thus, one of the biggest advantages is the convenient whisking of milk while extracting the coffee itself - including independent temperature adjustment.

Both Duo coffee machines are fitted with a rotary pump allowing direct connection to the water supply
andboth also offer the use of a4l water tank.

Both the Bezzera Duo MN and the Bezzera Duo DE have a high production capacity. This means you can actually make a lot of coffee on them. And that's without any temperature fluctuations. It's easy to imagine using them in asmall café, espresso bar or restaurant.

On the front panel of both machines we find a touchscreen display where you can set the temperatures, the automatic cleaning program, the preinfusion time or the automatic switching on and off of the coffee machine.

What is the difference between the Bezzera Duo MN and Duo DE?

Themain difference lies in the classic head E61with manual control in the case ofthe Duo MN and the electronic control with4 programmable buttons in the case of the Duo DE. To each his own taste.

Those who prefer a closer contact with the coffee machine will probably choose the Duo MN and control the whole extraction with the E61 lever. Those who want to simplify and automate the brewing process will probably choose the Duo DE. Both approaches are legitimate and have their place.

But where theBezzera Duo DE is a cut above its little brother is the1 extra PID sensor (in addition to the 2 others in the boilers) in the head. This makes thetemperature control really perfect.

The Bezzera Duo DE home lever coffee machine in detail

As is customary with Bezzera, there is no shortage of polished stainless steelcladding, but in this case it is complemented by some beautiful wooden details. It's the handle of the portafilter lever itself, or the controls for the steam nozzle and hot water dispenser.

Bezzera coffee machine accessories

All Bezzera coffee machines come with awealth of accessories. From the two levers and baskets - for single and double espresso - to the blind basket, head cleaning brush or tamper.

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