Looking back at the Czech AeroPress Championship

AeroPress World Championship

Building community, making friends and celebrating coffee. That's how the organization The World AeroPress Championship describes the AeroPress Coffee Competition.

Baristas and coffee enthusiasts will converge from around the world to showcase their best performance in brewing coffee with AeroPressem.

Since 2008, the championship has been bringing coffee lovers together to answer the question that no one has ever asked: "Who can brew the best cup of coffee using an AeroPress?".

The essence of the championship is to bring together coffee loving people in an open, inclusive and fun environment.

Winning prizes in the 2018 AeroPress national competition. Image source. europeancoffeetrip.com

Shortly about AeroPress

Lightweight cylindrical shape, made ofhard plastic and the perfect coffee partner for travel. This is the AeroPress. One of the alternative ways to make coffee. It works on the principle of pressing coffee through a paper filter and offers an even more varied coffee taste.

Vancouver Competition

For the first time in its 14-year history, the AeroPress World Championships will be held in Vancouver, Canada. The World Finals will take place over three days in December, filled to the brim with coffee camaraderie and competition to see who is the best..

Terms and conditions of the competition

The competition is open to everyone. Be it an experienced barista or a home enthusiast. All you need to compete is an AeroPress coffee machine, a passion for making coffee and to follow simple rules:

  • The coffee must be prepared using only the Aeropress.
  • All 3 parts must be used - chamber, plunger and strainer. No other non-original accessories are allowed.
  • Any filter may be used - paper, cloth, metal...
  • Only groundcoffee and water are used.
  • On the day of the competition, contestants aregiven a packet of coffee (in the Czech Republic, coffee from Doubleshot) to use. No custom coffee is allowed.
  • Maximum 18g of coffee.
  • Minimum 150ml of final coffee.
  • Brew time limit is 5 minutes.
  • Violation of the rules will result in disqualification.

Czech AeroPress Championship

The Czech Republic held its 10th competition in a row. There are 27 coffee enthusiasts participating in the competition and each of them can create one cup.

Image source: facebook.com/doubleshot.cze

Which barista made it all the way to the finals in Vancouver?

First place Mario Adamcik

Thefirst place in the Czech round went to barista and author of Roast Different magazine, MarioAdamčík, who made it to the finals in Vancouver, Canada.

Mário shared the winning recipe on his Instagram.

Image source: instagram.com/marioadamcik

Second place Adam Trubač

Thesecond place was Adam Trubač, who struggled with the recipe he shared with us:

  • 18 grams of coffee
  • 170g of water
  • AeroPress

He poured18g of coffee over 30g of 97°C water, stirred it and let it mate for about 40 seconds. He added another 140g of water and stirred again. He let the water work until 2.30 mint and then started pressing.

But be careful and gently, like on a first date, as Adam says. Finished at 3 mins, he added another 30g of clean water to the jar and cooled while pouring.

Third place Lukas Faber

Lukáš Faber took 3rd place in the coffee competition. What was his recipe?

  • 18g of coffee
  • 220g of water
  • 2 original AeroPress filters
  • reverse bypass method

Lukas ground the coffee a little finer than on the V60 (Timemore Chestnut X - 13 clicks). In the meantime, heated the water to 94°C and rinsed the filters. He poured the coffee into the AeroPress and added 160g of water.

At 0:20 he started stirring, every second a back and forth motion. That's 15 movements for 15 seconds, so he got up to 0:35. He put the filter on, squeezed out the excess air and waited until one minute. Then heflipped the AeroPress over onto the carafe and spun the whole AeroPress again.

At one minute and 30 seconds, he started pressurizing for about 40 - 45 sec. Finally topped up with the remaining 60g of water. So his final time was about 2:10 - 2:15.

Image source: instagram.com/marioadamcik

How did the representative of Lázeňská kávy cope with the competition?

Our roastery also sent a representative to the competition.Dominik Fabík took part in the competition as a representative. He also shared his recipe with us:

  • 16g of coffee
  • water 78 °C

He poured the ground coffee for 23 clicks into an AeroPress and poured 40ml of water. He stirred it together for 30 seconds, followed by another 40ml of water and stirring again for 30 seconds.

He then topped up the remaining 180ml of water, sealed it with the filter, waited until 2 mins and 10 seconds and then squeezed.

Did you not manage to enter the competition this year or did you fail to place first? Don't despair. You now have plenty of time to grab an AeroPress, practice your best cup with it, and beat your opponents in next year's contest.