Luxury coffee machines: La Marzocco vs. Prima Eagle One

La Marzocco Linea Mini vs. Eagle One Prima

Want a quick answer from me? Order your coffee machine E1Prima from Victoria Arduino.

Ok. That's enough, I'll take the Prima!

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So now you're thinking: "yeah girl, it's obvious you're recommending Prima when you're a well-known supplier of Victoria Arduino coffee makers". It's true, but at the same time it's not. In fact, such a connection works the other way around as well.

Here at Spa Coffee, we recommend these coffee machines because we know how great they are. And everything we offer on our e-shop, we would buy, recommend to ourselves or our loved oneswithout hesitation.

That's exactly how it is with Prima. But, you definitely want to know the specific reasons that led me to make that decision. Why does the Eagle One Prima win with me in this coffee maker comparison? Well, read on.

Comparing the Linea Mini and E1 Prima lever coffee machines

First of all, after a fairly straightforward introduction, I would like to say that La Marzocco coffee machineshave rightfully earned their fame in the barista world. With their performance and admirable reliability.

The Linea Mini is an awesome coffee machine, so I wouldn't be mad at all if I got one. But, if I had to choose my own coffee machine gift, I'd go for the Prima. And I'll explain why right now, starting with a comparison of features.

Linea Mini

approx. 125 000 CZK

with two boilers - for steam and coffee separately

water tank or direct connection

rotary pump

nozzle for steam and water

PID temperature stability control

several colours

control of functions and parameters via mobile app

× without volumetrics

× without display

× no preinfusion option

E1 Prima

approx. 117 000 CZK

with two boilers - for steam and coffee separately

water tank or direct connection

rotary pump

nozzle for steam and water

PID temperature stability control

several colours

control of functions and parameters via mobile app

× steam boiler capacity

× coffee boiler capacity

× water tank capacity

What do these luxury coffee machines have in common?

If choosing a coffee machine were so easy, all that would matter is a more pleasing appearance. Or a style that better suits your interior.

Of course, how the coffee maker looks plays a big part. Above all, if you're going to invest in one like this, you want it to be perfect for you in every way. Both coffee makers offer several color options, so you're sure to discover yours.

As you can easily tell from the clear comparison, the flagship domestic ranges of the world's most prominent coffee makers arequite similar. The machines are powered by a rotary pump, and both have separate waterheating systems for coffee and separately for steam.

Both have PID temperature stability control, they are single-lever (single-head)coffee machines, and each has its own mobile app to control and manage coffee machine functions.

mobile app for la marzocco coffee machines
mobile app for victoria arduino coffee machines

What makes these super-premium coffee machines different?

The differences are obvious from the picture. While the E1Prima has a modern style with rounded lines, clean surfaces and the impression of a lightweight coffee machine (yet it is 7 kg heavier than the Linea Mini).

The Linea Mini coffee maker'ssturdy retro design with straight edges and corners still resembles its original model from the 1990s when it was first introduced to the world.

The modern E1 Prima coffee machine with Atom grinder. Source.
La Marzocco's original Linea coffee machine from 1990. Source.

Let's analyze the different features and capabilities of these amazing coffee makers step by step in terms of coffee preparation.

    • Although both coffee makers have the option of direct water connection for carefree use, you can also enjoy your coffee independently of this source. Just keep the water reservoir inside the coffee maker filled. Both coffee machines hold enough water for normal home use. If you intend to brew larger quantities of coffees, this volume will be of interest to you.
    • In the Linea Mini, the water tank is hidden behind the drip tray. It's a sort of pull-out drawer for up to 2.5 litres of water. In contrast, the Prima has a1.5 litre canister that is inserted from the top by opening the door on the top of the machine.
    • If the pump is the heart of the coffee machine, the boiler will be its lungs. The quantity, material and capacity of the boilers can predict the quality and number of coffees our machine will "brew". In such premium quality coffee machines, the separation of water heating into steam and coffee is a must. The difference is in the sizes and technology for heating the water.
    • The Eagle One Prima works with smaller capacity stainless steel boilers. The Linea Mini also has stainless steel boilers, but they have higher capacities. Which means you can brew more coffees in a row and even dairy coffees like flat whites or cappuccinos. With a bigger boiler, and therefore amount of steam, you'll also have more power for whipping milk.
    • With a coffee machine from Victoria Arduino you can adjust the start of the extraction - preinfusion or pre-extraction. This is the process wherehot water at a lower pressure is applied to the coffee in the first seconds after the button is pressed. This way you can play around with the extraction profile and get an unexpectedly great espresso.
    • This is a feature that Linea Mini does not offer. Starting the extraction also varies. On the Prima you press a button, whereas on the Linea Mini you move the paddle switch sideways. The E1 Prima has the option of setting the volumetrics, i.e. the dosage of water for the espresso. The programmed volume is thus the limit for the brew, which the machine automatically stops.
    • The "old school" Linea Mini does not have a display and so to determine the espresso volume and extraction time you must use abarista scale with a stopwatch at best .
    • Eagle One Prima strives for maximum UX coffee preparation. In addition to the volumetrics mentioned above, it has a "ghost display" above the buttons. A digital display with an extraction timer that is only visible when you need it.
    • Both the hot water nozzleand the steam nozzle have both the coffee machines being compared. Although mirror positioned, so on the Linea Mini you whisk on the right, on the E1 Prima on the left. The higher output for the amount of milk coffees, as you already know, is the one from La Marzocco.
    • You'll never get burnt on the nozzle made by Victoria Arduino. You can safely touch their "Cool Touch" nozzle without fear of injury.
    • Another feature that facilitates the normal use of the coffee maker is the ability to clean the shower strainer after removing the portafilter from the head of the coffee maker. You may find yourself doing this step in espresso preparation manually on the Linea Mini.
    • The Prima can do it on its own. It rinses the head of the machine of coffee residue from the previous extraction completely automatically.

Eco-logical/nomic espresso machine

After listing the similarities and differences of the compared coffee machines, I reach a point where I don't have much more to say about the Linea Mini. It's a workhorse known for durability and endurance. I would add one practical feature that sets it apart from the E1 Prima. That is the built-in lighting.

The Prima is a model only released in 2020. Given its young generation, it is a typical representative of it. The "E1" certainly does not care what its energy and ecological footprint will be. These tendencies are reflected in the sophisticated technology and processing of the coffee machine.

Victoria Arduino is very interested in the impact of the daily use of coffee machines. Their engineers strive to create coffee makers that will make perfect coffee in a gentle and considerate way.

The Eagle One also has a couple of these eco-features: power optimization, boiler isolation, and on-demand reheating. From an environmental perspective, you may be interested in the sophisticated choice of materials and processing technology of the coffee maker with significantly lower emissions.

NEO system for instant water heating in the E1 Prima. Source.

The energy saving system of the E1 Prima coffee machine

All-new NEO technology - New Engine Optimization reduces energy consumption and shortens the heating time of the coffee maker. Victoria Arduino specifies just 8 minutes to get the coffee maker into full ready mode for coffee extraction.

I must confirm that the coffee maker is ready to use extremely quickly indeed. The lower energy consumption is due to the controlled heating of the water for coffee preparation.

As standard, the automatic boiler reheating to a specified temperature is used, which is constantly running when the coffee maker is in use. Prima has the technology to individually heat the coffee water only when you need it heated.

This NEO technology is linked to the use of a smaller capacity boiler. In fact, the smart heating system guarantees the necessary temperature stability for espresso preparationeven with low-volume boilers.

Victoria Arduino also dresses the boiler in a special thermal insulation material to minimize temperature losses.

Remember: the grinder rules good coffee extraction

Alongside a great lever coffee maker always stands an equally good coffee grinder. A special series of Victoria Arduino Atom E1 espresso grinders has been released to go with the E1 Prima coffee machine. It is available in the colours of the E1 Prima coffee machine, with which it matches both in appearance and performance.

Electric espresso grinder - VA Atom E1:

  • flat 65 mm hardened steel grinding stones
  • fast grinding of espresso coffee - 3 g/s
  • adjustable dosage in 2 programmes
  • silent sound seal technology
  • ACE anti-clumping coffee system

If, however, you see grinding coffee squarely as the "king of grinders", look no further than Mahlkönig espresso grinders without hesitation.

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