Manual coffee grinder Hario Skerton Pro [review]

Japanese grinders called Skerton are not new to the barista equipment market. They are well known like other products of this very popular company Hario. Thebasic Skerton model has been slightly changed and improved. Such innovations then gave rise to the popular Skerton Pro hand grinder .

Although it still resembles its original ancestor in many ways and retains its "plump" curves, the grinding in this "Pro" version is something else entirely. It is stilla grinder with a more robust appearance. However, it is more practical. It is a functional home grinder at a friendly price.

Height 20 cm
width 10 cm
capacity 50 g coffee beans
grinding stones conical ceramic, 38 mm
material plastic, glass, ceramic, steel


The problems of the original basic model, such as inconsistency of grinding especially when setting a higher coarseness, the Japanese manufacturers have decided to solve really consistently with this grinder. Well they took it as they say "from the ground up".

The Skerton Pro has been given a slightly sharper shape. These have ensured its better grinding stability with the grinder on the table. To help you hold the grinder in your hand, the Skerton Pro has been given asilicone collar that fixes your grip. This comes in handy especially for a little more strenuous fine grinding. The hopper lid of the grinder is made of solid transparent plastic and is shaped so that it snaps right into place. Finally, they added amore massive handle to the grinder for acomfortable grind.

Proper coffee preparation depends on well-ground coffee. That's why a good grinder is more than an important helper in the process. If you are unsure about the correct grind, check out our article: grinding as the basis of good coffee.


Inside, the grinder has also undergone significant changes, practically the most important ones. Thegrinder shaft is held in place by plastic struts inside the hopper. Its stabilisation by means of struts and a bottom spring thus prevents the ceramic grinding stones from swinging significantly during coarse grinding.

This change expands the grinder's range of uses for proper preparation of virtually all alternative methods, but it can also handle espresso and even finer grinds for traditional Turkish coffee in a jazva if needed .

Not to be forgotten is the improved grinder control. That is, easier adjustment of the coarseness or fineness of the grind. From the basic or "Plus" version of the Hario Skerton grinder, the adjustment has been moved to the bottom of the grinding unit. A knob is located at the bottom of the grinding stones, which you turn to change the grind to finer or coarser as required.


TheSkerton Pro uses the typical conical grinding stonesfor hand grinders . They are made of ceramic and will maintain a good sharpness for a long time. At the same time, this keeps the price of the grinder in a really affordable price range. Of course, ceramic stones, unlike steel, are more prone to breakage. With careful handling, however, the grinder will serve you to prepare many cups of coffee.

The hopper of the grinder can hold about 50 grams of roasted coffeebeansat a time, and the bottom container, for which you'll find a matching lid in the grinder's packaging, can hold up to about 100 grams of ground coffee. Easy access to the grinding stones helps when cleaning the grinder. This is absolutely easy. Just be careful not to hurt yourself when removing the sharp grinding stones.


With its features, the Hario Skerton Pro is not the most suitable grinder for travel. Even after significant improvements, it's still not quite confident at really coarse grinds. It is such a home grinder for the family of true coffee lovers. It is in the family environment that its grindvolume comes into its own . Drip coffee for a visit will prepare one or two.

It makesgreat friends with any manual drip coffee maker. Of course it suits it with its fellow from Hari i.e. the V60. It achieves great results in combination with theAeropress. The Skerton Pro is practical and functional. A quality piece at a really fair price.

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