Manual coffee grinder Timemore Nano [review]

TheTimemore Nanohand grinder leaves behind grinders such as theHario Mini Mill, Hario Skerton, Rhinowares and Porlex. It wins over them both in design and grind quality. On the other hand, it comes very close to the best manual coffee grinder - the Comandante.


The Timemore Nano is not just a grinder for simply making coffee at home. It combines a professional grinding mechanism and a high quality, durable and compact design in a small footprint. This thoughtful work of the manufacturers has been fine-tuned to the last detail to make anenticing nejem for all coffee lovers with its capabilities and features, but also with its appearance.

Hence the price, which is higher than that of commonly used manual coffee grinders. At the same time, even with its professional quality, it is about half the price of the Comandante grinders. This makes Timemoregrinders essentially their own category of coffee grinders.

Height 10 cm
width 4.5 cm
capacity 15 g of coffee beans
grinding stones conical steel, 38 mm
material aluminium, stainless steel


So what can Timemore Nano do? First and foremost is an unbreakable grinder. Its body is made of a single piece of aluminum alloy. Inside it is a built-in grinding mechanism made of steel. This durability is particularly useful when travelling. Well, that's mostly what this grinder was invented for.

As a proper travel grinder ,it has a small footprint, which is more than desirable. Its roughly 10 cm makes it a small coffee companion on the go. It really takes up minimal space in your luggage or backpack. The manufacturers have also played with thedesign of the grinder's handle. It's not just ordinary. With a simple movement, you fold it up against the body of the grinder. This keeps the size of the grinder small while keeping everything together.


The designers have also thought about the details. Original, stylish and above all functional is the surface structure of the grinder. It not only makes the grinder look good, but also meansthat it won't slip out of your hand when grinding. In addition, the folding handle has a small rubber protection on it to prevent scratching the grinder.

You can tellthat the Timemore Nano is an elegant coffeegrinder that the manufacturers have literally fondled from the box. When you open it, in addition to the grinder, you also get a handy pouch to hide your grinder in, as well as a special brush for cleaning the grinder.


You can pour around 15 grams of roasted coffeeinto the Timemore Nano . The exact weight depends, of course, on the coffee variety - the size of the beans. However, this amount is enough to make a cup of coffee from, for example, your Aeropress, which is the usual way of making coffee on the go.

But you don't have to stick to just one method of coffee preparation. Of course, this grinder can be set to a certain fineness or coarseness of grind. It alsodoesn't limit itself to preparing filtered coffee. Its handiness also lies in itsversatility of use. In fact, itcan also cope very well withfine grinding for espresso or even Turkish coffee from a coffee pot.

The original preparation of coffee from a jazva, or Turkish coffee, is an interesting ritual. Even without the original hot sand style of preparation, you can prepare such coffee at home on a classic stove. Read on forinstructions on how to prepare coffee from a java.


As is usual with these grinders, the grind size is changed byturning the knob on the bottom of the grinding mechanism. Simply turn left or right to fine-tune the fineness of the ground coffee. Alternatively, turn the setting to the so-called "zero point".

Depending on the number of clicks when turning (the number of clicks for a particular brew will help you determine the number of clicks for a particular brew in the instructions included in the package) from the "zero point", you will determine the ideal position of the grinding stones for your chosen coffee brewing method, whether it beChemex or you decide to make Moka.


TheTimemore Nano grinder is small, stylish and will take care of the precise grinding of your coffee. It is characterized by its thoughtful construction and design and, most importantly, consistent grinding in a wide range of fineness. It's not a "low cost" grinder, but it's worth getting. This stackable professional really knows its job, and proper grinding is the foundation of good coffee.

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