Manual coffee grinder Timemore Slim [review]

When you get your hands on aTimemore Slim, you won't want to let it go. It fits in the palm of your hand like a glove. You will also experience a similarly pleasant feeling just holding the grinder with its smaller "brother", the Timemore Nano Grinder. Both of these grinders have a distinctive surface texture, which does not allow the grinder to slip out of your hand. Thesolid body of the grinder, made from a single piece of aluminum alloy, will leave you feeling like you are holding a quality product.


Height 16 cm
width 4.5 cm
capacity 25 g of coffee beans
grinding stones conical steel, 38 mm
material aluminium and stainless steel

Let's go back to the beginning. When you order a Timemore Slim, you will receive a "fancy" black box. Inside you will find the purchased grinder, of course, but also a little instruction on how to use the grinder. The grinder also comes with its own personal travel case in the box, in which you can take it with you wherever you go without scratching it. The manufacturers have not forgotten to include abrush for cleaning the grinder.


The Timemore Slim has grown up a bit. Unlike the Timemore Nano, it is 6 cm taller. Nevertheless, it is a great travel grinder. It is taller, but it is also slimmer. It has managed to drop to a beautiful 45 mm in diameter. You can pour about 25g of roasted coffee into it at a time. Which is roughly 10g more than you'd get in a Timemore Nano.

Inside the precision-milled body of the grinder are 38 mm steel grinding stones. Which make for a really efficient grind. This lies mainly in the consistency of the grind and itsconvenience and speed. As is usual with manual grinders, you adjust the coarseness of the grind gradually. The conical grinding stones are brought closer or further apart by turning a metal knob.


It isthe range of settings and the consistency of the grind at different settings that gives the grinder a certain uniformity. The idea is that it not only grinds perfectly for different alternative coffee brewing methods, but also handles the grinding for espresso.

At this point, however, it should be noted thatwhile grinding for espresso is one of the uses of the grinder, it is precisely because of its versatility that it does not specialize in such fine grinding. You can make espresso with it. However, the grind fineness settings may not be suitable for a completely perfect extraction.

Thepreparation of espresso is specific to a very fine grind, which is guaranteed by the special espresso grinder. Unlike universal grinders, the grind fineness grades are only a short distance apart for precise adjustment and perfect espresso.


The Timemore Slim is one of the hand grinders in the medium price category. It's asimple grinder, but it's made thoughtfully and with quality materials. The grinding process itself is not difficult, quite the opposite. It will not slip out of your hand. Its steel handle fits well on the shaft. Thewooden handle at the end of the handle feels very comfortable in the hand. All together, it makes for a comfortable grind.

It is true, however, that if you decide to grind multiple batches of coffee, its function-and-design finish may imprint a bit in your palm. But the pleasure of your visitor's delicious coffee is worth it. Because, as you well know, aquality grind is the foundation for making good coffee. That's exactly what the Timemore Slim brings you, whether you're making coffee with a Chemex, French Press or Aeropress.


TheTimemore Slim grinder is suitable foranyone who is serious about coffee right from the start of their journey to learn the secrets of good coffee making. It's a step... although in this case, better said ,a big leap better in grind quality than cheap manual grinders like the Hario Mini Mill.

On the other hand, the Timemore grinderscome up against the best manual grinders on the market, such as theComandante grinders ,in terms of their capabilities. This slim version of the grinder is a great tool for coffee preparation on any coffeelover'stravels or trips.

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