Moccamaster vs. Wilfa. Which one is the better coffee dripper?


First we will introduce the Moccamaster KBG Select, a product of the Dutch company Technivorm, which has been manufacturing Moccamasters, coffee drippers, since 1969. There are several models on the market. This time we will focus on the KBG Select, which was launched in 2019.

The WILFA WSPL-3B is a product ofthe Norwegian brand Wilfa, which was founded in 1948 and you may know it primarily as a manufacturer of electric grinders. This drip coffee machine was designed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe, a well-known Norwegian roaster and barista.

To compare these home coffee drippers, I have chosen relative areas that are important when buying any coffee maker and thus can best decide which dripper is better.


The biggest plus point the Moccamaster has gained over its predecessor Moccamaster KBG 741 is the control button, this makes it easy to adjust the brewing time for full or half the amount of coffee and this also regulates the water flow. This slows down when brewing half the amount, so you achieve the right coffee extraction and enjoy a delicious cup of filtered coffee.

This can be prepared in the Moccamaster in 5 minutes, so not one, but 6 or 10 cups, making a total of up to 1.25 litres of coffee. If you don't plan to drink your coffee fresh, the warming plate, which keeps the coffee at a temperature of around 80°C for 40 minutes after brewing, will make sure it doesn't go cold. Then it switches itself off.

Unlike its older brother, the Select also boasts nine holes at the end of the arm from which water flows out. More holes ensure better water distribution, thus achieving a better final drink. You'll also need paper filters for brewing, Technivorm makes its own for the Moccamaster.

Not to forget its easy operation, as two buttons are all you need. The first is to set the aforementioned volume, i.e. whether it will be full or half full, and the second is to switch the machine on and off. That's why can be operated by anyone.

TOP features of Moccamaster:

+ adjustment of the amount of coffee brewed to half
+ keeping coffee hot for up to 40 minutes
+ 2-button operation
+ up to 1.25 l of coffee in 5 minutes
+ arm with 9 holes for better coffee extraction

The novelty of nine holes for better coffee extraction at the end of the head is sure to make you happy, especially when you enjoy the resulting cup of coffee. Source:


Even with Wilfa, you will find a temperature maintenance function that will keep your coffee hot even 40 minutes after brewing. But thanks to the Flow Control feature, you may not even need it. With it, you set the water flow and it's up to you how, how long and how much coffee is extracted. You can therefore prepare 1or up to 10 cups of coffee, i.e. also up to 1.25 litres of coffee as in the Moccamaster. The extraction time is also approximately the same and is 4-6 minutes.

The water tank of the Wilfy is removable, so it is easier to fill it. The pump, on the other hand, makes sure that there is no water left in the reservoir after each brew so you always use fresh water. In addition, the measuring feature on the reservoir helps you determine how much water is needed for how much coffee.

You will also need paper filters to make filter coffee with the Wilfy. You can use the same ones as the Moccamaster, as they are compatible.

TOP features of Wilfy:

+ maintains coffee temperature for up to 40 minutes after brewing
+ Flow Control function for adjusting the amount of coffee brewed
+ brews up to 1.25 l of coffee in 4-6 minutes
+ pump for always fresh water
+ measuring feature for using the right amount of water and coffee


As well as the quality of a good cup of coffee, appearance is also quite an important factor. If you're a fan of design pieces, both coffee machines will make you happy.

If you like a bit more colour, your heart will definitely skip a beat when you see the range of colours that the Moccamaster is sold in, as according to official website there are24 colours on offer at . There are a few less on the Czech market, but there are still plenty to choose from. It is made of durable metals and plastics without BPA/BPS/BPF and phthalates.

Wilfa, on the other hand, has decided to go the way of modern elegance, so you can only find it in black. However, it is a refined combination of black matte metal, high quality plastic and clear glass, so it looks simply perfect.

The Wilfa drip coffee machine combines design and functionality perfectly. So as well as making you a great cup of coffee, it will look great in your kitchen or office. Source:


In order for your coffee percolator to last long, you also need to take proper care of it. Caring for a Moccamaster is quite simple. Both the filter and the coffee pot are easily removable, so you simply wash them under running water. However, once in a while you need to use a special cleaner and clean the coffee machine more thoroughly.

Likewise, the individual parts of the Wilfy are removable. In addition, at the 180th filtration, a light comes on to let you know it's time for a thorough cleaning. For example, you can use CafettoBrew Cleaner.

All Moccamaster coffee decanters are handmade by the Technivorm brand in their native Netherlands with a long tradition. So besides looking good, they are also of high quality. Source:


Drip coffee makers, like lever coffee makers, are a definite investment, but the price matches the quality. You can buy the Moccamaster KBG Select for slightly cheaper. But that doesn't detract from its quality. It is handmade and guaranteed by a five-year warranty. And besides, it is also certified by ECBC and SCA, the International Select Coffee Association.

+ ECBC and SCA certifications
+ 5-year warranty
+ handmade

The Wilfa WSPL-3B is roughly 2,000 CZK more expensive, but it also boasts a five-year warranty and also ECBC certification, which is underlined by its Norwegian quality. And with the idea that your children will still be using Wilfa, it's worth the extra cost.

+ ECBC certification
+ 5-year warranty
- more expensive


So which one is best? Now, I don't want to sound like an excuse, but the truth is that both of these coffee machines fit perfectly into any household full of filter coffee lovers.

With the Moccamaster, a distinct bonus is its wide range of colours, so whatever colours your kitchen or office plays with, the Moccamaster will suit it. And besides being a designer item, you can get it for good money andno less quality. I can't forget the perhaps most easy to use, no complicated setup, just two buttons.

On the other hand, the detailed adjustment of the amount of coffee prepared wins out unconditionally with the Wilfa, because you don't always need litres of coffee, so I can't leave out the option to prepare just one cup. Equally noteworthy is its minimalist design or easy maintenance.

In both cases, however, you can expect a perfectly prepared cup of filtered coffee, provided you use quality beans of the best quality.

And so there is nothing else to say but if you have, or are planning to get one of these home coffee drippers you have definitely won.

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