Mythos MY: The best professional coffee shop grinders for 2023

About Victoria Arduino

The Victoria Arduino brand probably needs little introduction. Nevertheless, let's recall some essential information about thislegendary company.

The first coffee machine from Piero Teresio Arduino saw the light of day almost 120 years ago. Back then, he correctly understood that the perfect espresso could only be prepared on a machine that was not demanding to use. Which, back then, most coffee machines were.

His main contribution was that he invented, used and patented his own type of boiler. A few years later he came up with the invention of the portafilter, which was very similar to the one used by baristas around the world to this day.

For the next few decades, Victoria Arduino perfected its coffee machines and accessories and continued to compete with other, mainly Italian, companies trying to do the same.

However,Victoria Arduino still leads among other coffee makers and coffee accessories manufacturers today. Especially thanks to the unrivalled quality of workmanship with a high percentage of handmade products and the never-ending research and improvement of already perfect devices.

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Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75 and MY85: Professional espresso grinders

But we're not going to focus on Victoria Arduino' s espresso machines today, but rather their right-hand machines - the grinders. Namely, the new Victoria Arduino Mythos MY series.

Not for nothing has the Mythos become an officially qualified grinder for the World Barista Championship from 2022 to 2025.

Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75

The Victoria Arduino Mythos MY series includes the MY75, MY75G, MY85, MY85G grinders. In most aspects, these devices are similar. So let's introduce the Mythos grinder in general and up close.

Mythos MY is a professional range of espresso grinders that stand out for their grinding precision, perfect micrometric adjustment and especially grinding speed. In the case of the MY75 or MYG75, it is 3 g/s and for the MY85 or MYG85, it is 4.5 g/s. This predestines them in their use. The MY75 and MYG75 will be used in medium-sized businesses. In large-scale operations, you will be able to rely on MY85 or MYG85.

What is the main difference between MY75 and MY85? It's the size of the grinding stones - 75 mm vs. 85 mm.

Mythos MY: touch screen, Clima Pro & DDD

All Victoria Arduino Mythos MY grinders stand out with their digital touchscreen display, up to 3 grinding programs and the coffee-specific Clima Pro temperature adjustment function.

Another advantage is the DDD function. That's what Victoria Arduino calls its electronic sensor for the real distance of the grinding stones. This gives the Mythos MY feedback so you have control over the coarseness of the grind.

Victoria Arduino Mythos MY85

Thehopper size is 1.5kg for all types and thanks to the vertical placement of the grinding stones with minimal coffee retention and an improved dispenser, ground coffee loss is almost zero.

Victoria Arduino Mythos MYG75 and MYG85

Victoria Arduino Mythos MYG85

And how do the types with a G in their designation differ? It's not such a big puzzle. The advantage of these grinders is a feature called gravimetry. This is a unique technology that Victoria Arduino has patented.

It's about accurately weighing each batch that the grinder grinds. So you can get on with making your coffee and trust the Mythos grinder to weigh the coffee for you.

So to optimise your workflow, it's undoubtedly worth paying a few thousand extra and automating your operation as much as possible in this sense.

Are you considering the Victoria Arduino Mythos MY?

If you like the Victoria Arduino Mythos MY grinders, get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help you choose and purchase the right one for your café.

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