New in the preparation of filter coffee: Delter Coffee Press


Since 2005 , theAeropresshas been dazzling coffee lovers . A manual filter coffee machine that baristas around the world have come to love for its fun to use. Travelling coffee lovers are enthusiastic about it and take their Aeropress with them everywhere. All its advantages leading to a cup of pure and juicy coffee have made the Aeropress, although originally intended for manual espresso preparation, one of themost popular methods of filter coffee preparation in the world. After all, the Aeropress has its ownfilm!


In Australia, they have decided to go even further in the preparation of such coffee. That's why today we can introduce you to this innovation: Delter Coffee Press. At first glance, it resembles the aforementioned Aeropress. It also uses a similar method of coffee preparation, i.e. filtration through a paper filter using pressure created by pushing on a plunger.

At first glance, the two manual coffee machines mentionedshare a common appearance, i.e. the shape of the cylinder and the use of plastic material. As a result, the two stand out in terms of portability and lightness, making them ideal tools for making coffee on the go. What makes them different is the way the water hits the ground coffee.


The coffee preparation in both of these methods is very similar in basic principle. You use freshly ground, select coffee, which you pour into the bottom of these coffee brewing aids. You then push on the plunger inside the plastic cylinder, creating pressure on the water which then passes through the ground coffee. This is how it works for both methods described.

TheDelter CoffeePress was not created to imitate the Aeropress, but to enhance and improve this great brewing method. You will find the best of Aeropress at Delter. At the same time you will also get a more balanced extraction. The Delter Coffee Press has a unique method of potting. With the Aeropress, you water the ground coffee with a stream of water from the kettle. This results in turbulence, i.e. uncontrollable movements of the ground coffee. This turbulence increases extraction. By not being able to control how the coffee particles move inside the cylinder, random extraction occurs.


This style of extraction can be seen mainly when making coffee in a French Press. When we prepare coffee in a French Press, we use coarser grinds and longer extraction times. This also compensates a little for the differences in extraction of the individual coffee particles caused by the turbulence. These are desirable in a French press and we encourage them ourselves, for example by stirring.

With the Aeropress or Delter we use shorter preparation times and thus a finer grind than with the French Press. Therefore, these small coffee movementsalso play a role inthe extraction process. The Aeropress couldn't prevent them, but the Delter Coffee Press can! Its improved design is the key to itsunique water injection method, called "Injection Brewing". In the piston of the Delter Coffee Press is the Jet Seal: a silicone membrane with small holes. The water passes through them and is thus dispersed. On the ground coffee underneath, thewater falls not in a stream but in a splash. This minimises the movement of the ground coffee.


The most important thing this new technology brings is the resulting cup of coffee. It is juicy, perfectly balanced and also much cleaner, thanks to the more thoughtful placement of the paper filter in the strainer. Other facts that make the Delter the more mature brother of the Aeropress are the materials used. The Delter is made of highly durable Tritan Copolyester. It also brews up to 400 ml of coffee, which is another difference from the Aeropress, which was only made for one approximately 200 ml cup.


We believe there is enough room in the coffee world for all kinds of preparation and the more choice there is, the more likelyyou will be tochoose your way, that is, the method of preparing coffee exactly the way you like it. Your personal cup of coffee. Delter Coffee Press has come up with an improved brewing technology. Not too long ago, Aeropress released their scaled down version specifically for travelers. In an original way, British Barista&Co incorporated a similar brewing technique to that used by Aeropress in their Twist Press.

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