New Nivons: The best home automatic coffee machines 2023

Nivona 550 & 560

TheNivona CafeRomantica 550/560 (the two models differ only in colour) is an automatic coffee machine suitable for the home or office. It is able to prepare from 20 ml of espresso to a large caffè latte. The big novelty of the new series is the clear colour TFT display, which makes it easier to select and prepare coffee.

Nivona's functions in the five series are very variable. You can customize the recipes, the amount of coffee prepared, the coarseness of the grind, the temperature and the intensity of the coffee. It can prepare 2 coffees at once, dispense hot water for tea and of course whip milk.

The Nivony 550/560 grinder grinds coffee with conical hardened steel stones. The hopper above it can hold up to 250 g of coffee beans. You can also pour ground coffee into the machine. For this purpose, there is a special hopper that can hold one portion of ground coffee.

Nivona NICR 550 |

Nivona NICR 560 |

Thewater reservoir has a capacity of 2.2 litres and can of course be fitted with a filter. The steaming unit is, like most other automatic coffee machines , removable and washable.

Other maintenance, such as descaling and cleaning, or the water filter change interval, is taken care of by the machine itself and you will be alerted in good time. Not to mention that the cleaning or descaling programme is much faster with the new models. You will be able to concentrate on drinking coffee and not on lengthy maintenance.

Nivona 690 & 695

At first glance,the Nivona 690/695 is not fundamentally different from the 550/560. However, a closer look reveals the main design difference. It is the cappuccino maker integrated directly into the coffee dispenser. This means you don't have to move the cup when making milk coffees. Your coffee machine is truly fully automatic.

As mentioned by, another advantage of this design is the increase in the temperature of the milk foam when dispensing the drink. A cappuccino prepared on the Nivona 690/695 thus reaches a temperature of around 66°C. For the record, the temperature of a cappuccino should be between 65 and 70 °C.

Nivona NICR 690 |

Nivona NICR 695 |

One of the additional advantages over the five models of Nivona coffee machines is the possibility to connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Thanks to this, it is possible to monitor the statistics of the coffees drunk (which, by the way, is a very interesting spectacle), or change the settings of the prepared drinks.

TheNivona 690/695 coffee makers are ruled by 6 predefined recipes. 550/560 only 4. At the same time, it offers the possibility to create and store up to 5 custom recipes in the integrated memory.

Advantages of the Nivona 690/695 over the 550/560:

  • cappuccino maker integrated into the coffee dispenser
  • possibility to connect the coffee machine to your phone thanks to a bluetooth interface
  • extra Cappuccino and Americano programme
  • 5 adjustable coffee strengthsettings (compared to 3 in the 550/560)
  • 3 "pre-infusion" settings
  • Nivona Claris water filter
  • optical sensor in the coffee container
  • stylish lighting of the cups during preparation

Summary or Nivona 550/560 or 690/695?

A difficult question to which there is probably no clear answer. The sixth model offers many improvements that may be a clear motivation for one to buy and the other already knows he won' t use them.

The price difference is not negligible. It is currently 3 thousand crowns. Still, it completely matches the improvements on the Nivona 690/695 side mentioned above.

Nivona NICR 550 |

If you want a real automatic machine that will prepare a cappuccino, alert you to the lack of coffee in the tray and at the same time you want to have more options to adjust and customize the coffee machine to your needs, it is definitely worth getting the Nivona 690/695. No question.

However, if you prefer simplicity and plan to make excellent coffee on a reliable machine, but can spare the gadgets such as connecting the machine to your phone or having your own recipes stored in the machine's memory, save the 4 grand and buy quality coffee with it.

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