Nuova Simonelli vs Victoria Arduino: Which brand is better?

The Simonelli Group closely links the two companies and combines passion, commitment, creativity with intelligence tooffer its clients the best coffee in the cup.

They pride themselves on design and sustainable innovations that allow people to act ethically, with respect for the territory and the environment.

The joint history of Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino

The Simonelli Group is the result of a long journey that began in the heart of the Marche region and continues thanks to the same passionate and committed people who today bear the company's name.

It all began in 1936 when the founder of Orlando Simonelli created his first espresso machine, which he named after the year in which it was made.

The "1936" coffee maker wastechnically advanced for its time and Simonelli became a pioneer in the world of coffee machines and coffee innovation.

The first Simonelli 1936 coffee machine. Image source:

Nuova Simonelli

In 1969, the company "Simonelli" wassold and renamed "Nuova Simonelli". However, the change of ownership did not stop the development and innovation and the company continued its growth.

Victoria Arduino

The company Victoria Arduino was born in the early 1990s thanks to Piere Teresio Arduino, who was inspired by a steam locomotive train and wanted to achieve coffee brewing in the fastest way possible.

In 2001, Victoria Arduino wasacquired by Nuova Simonelli, securing its position in the market for high-tech and luxury coffee machines, and the manufacturers' joint journey began.

The differences between Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli

Since Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino are part of the same group, there are many similarities between the coffee makers. Choosing between two of the most popular coffee maker brands can be difficult, but there are a few differences that make the coffee makers different.


Nuova Simonelli coffee makers are generally inlower amounts than Victoria Arduino coffee makers and are more available in different price ranges.

This means that both the novice barista and the smaller and larger coffeeshop can choose between Nuova Simonelli coffee machines. Victoria Arduino coffee machines, on the other hand, are in the higher price ranges, are considered more luxurious coffee machines and are thus more suitable for larger cafes that want to invest in their equipment.


With both Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino coffee machines, there is often an emphasis on ergonomics, such as the use of push-pull buttons when starting steam to help save your wrists.

Another advantage of both manufacturers' coffee makers is the safe nozzles that protect baristas from burns.


Both manufacturers offer modern coffee makers that will stand proud on your countertop. Yet it is the Victoria Arduino coffee makers that are said to look like masterpieces.

The shiny metal, engraved accents, and incorporation of minimal colors support the models' overall sleek aesthetic. Judge for yourself. Image source:

Final assessment

Nuova Simonelli

  • suitable for the home
  • suitable for smaller cafes
  • more affordable
  • emphasis on ergonomics

Victoria Arduino

  • considered to be more luxurious coffee machines
    Victoria Arduino 358 White Eagle 2GR coffee machine
  • unique design
  • emphasis on ergonomics
  • higher price
The Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino coffee machines are quite similar in many ways. There's a reason why both companies are part of the Simonelli Group, and that's because they both promote the same ideals in business and design. So, if you're happy with one brand's coffee machines, you'll like the other brand.

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