On microplastics and the harm of drinking coffee from paper cups [study]


Many cafes, on virtually every corner, offer takeaway coffee. It's a great service that many coffee lovers use not only on their way to work or school . Quick coffee to go is a helper in a hectic working day. In your free time, it's nice to stroll through the park and sip coffee... well, how else but from a cup.


Disposable paper cups are used for their practicality. This is at the expense of thequality of the coffee, the ecology and even the health of the person drinking from them. Maintaining the temperature of the drink or the purity of the taste of the coffee without being affected by the material of the cup. These are the advantages if you drink coffee from aporcelain cup, travel mug or thermo mug.

Paper cups do not achievethis quality of coffee drinking. On the contrary, they have a number of disadvantages. From an ecological point of view, coffee cups, like other disposable utensils, are a burden on the planet. At least in the form of increased waste. The recycling of disposable utensils itself is also more complicated and requires, first and foremost, the participation of every coffee lover by sorting the waste correctly.

Thepaper cup itself is not always 100% paper. The inside of the cup is treated with a hydrophobic coating. Which of course is good, so that the drink doesn't dissolve the paper wrapper in our hands. However, this layer, made up of plastics and copolymers, can make it difficult to recycle and reprocess the cups as waste.

Avoid paper cups and drink your coffee from your own thermos


Sales of takeaway coffee have increased in recent months due to the spread of coronavirus. The closure of traditional coffee shops has transformed many of them into "coffee windows". Takeaway coffee has become the only chance to get coffee from a coffee shop. This increased the consumption of paper cups.

Not for one, disposable utensils also seem like more hygienic and therefore healthier in these conditions. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials provides findings that drinking coffee from a paper cup may be harmful to our health.


The research focused specifically on the hydrophobic film inside the cup. Scientists measured the reaction of this layer , made up of polyethylene and possibly copolymers, when exposed to hot water. The plastic film on the inside of the paper cup degraded upon contact with 85-90°C water and began to release ions such as fluoride, chloride, sulfate and nitrate. At the same time ,microplastic particles leached into the water.

Within 15 minutes, approximately 25,000 harmfulmicron-sized microplastics leached into one deciliter of hot water in the crucible.Heavy metals such as lead, chromium, and cadmium, among others,were detected in the cups' hydrophobic films and can also be transferred to the hot beverage.

Although microplastics cannot be seen with the naked eye, they can cause serious health complications. Exactly how microplastics affect the human body is not yet fully understood. In general, they pose a potential threat to humans because of the specific shapes of microplastic particles, they can incite cancer, and they can also carry bacteria associated with the development of inflammation.


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