Organic coffee or quality matters

What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee is about a way of preparing coffee that is more respectful of nature. It is grown separately on farms wherepesticides and other similar chemicalshave not been used for at least three years . This means that even pests must be fought without chemicals. Farmers must have harvest plans so that soil quality is not compromised by erosion and mineral runoff.

D id you know that coffee is currently the second most important organic crop?

In 2019, 6.7% of the world's coffee area was managed organically. Source.

To be labelled organic, organic or eco, coffee needs a birth certificate and must be certified. Official certification entails a lot of paperwork and the need for financing, something unfortunately most smaller honest farmers cannot afford.

Tastes of organic coffee

In addition to undisturbed nature, the result of this careful growing is a flavorful cup of coffee. However, several factors contribute to the resulting taste of coffee, and growing coffee is just one of many.

Organic coffee alone cannot guarantee you the best coffee you've ever had. However, you will definitely feel better about your cup of organic coffee because you will be sure that you are not harming nature.

To avoid missing out on 100% of the effect of organic coffee, be sure to clean the grinder properly before use to avoid contamination from conventional coffee.

Problems of coffee plantations

If we are not completely indifferent to our nature, we should be concerned about the coffee we drink.

Organic coffee must come from coffee plantations where nothing artificial is found andonly natural ingredients are used. Even the fertiliser used must be natural. This means a higher content of antioxidants, which have a positive effect on our health.

Coffee without certification does not immediately mean chemicals

The fact that coffee does not carry the organic label does not automatically mean that you are drinking a cup full of chemicals. Some coffee plantations may use almost no fertilizer at all due to their high altitude location, so they can simply avoid chemicals.

How to start drinking coffee organically

The path to a sustainable lifestyle can start with just drinking coffee, for example. How to do it?

  1. Choose a coffee that you haveenough information about ???? see our coffee descriptions on the e-shop
  2. Ask for choice coffee, because this quality is sustainable actually the whole process ofgrowing and processing coffee
  3. Prepare coffee environmentally ???? our coffee comes in fully recyclable bags, they can buy from us for example washable cloth filters for chemex made of organic cotton
  4. Drink your coffee to go from reusable cups

How coffee is grown, harvested and roasted has a major impact on our health and on nature. By buying coffee that is environmentally responsible, you show that you care and help your health.

Organic coffee often carries the fair trade label, so by buying it you are also supporting fair conditions for the farmers who have contributed to its production.