Otto's design jazz. Turkish coffee in 2024

Who says traditional is the best hasn't tried making coffee in an Otto. Well, more than one coffee maker hasn't, because the Otto - the modern Turkish coffee maker - is new for 2023. Let's explore it.

What is Otto? Goat Story's new jazz machine

Goat Story has come up with aninnovative approach to the traditional way of making Turkish coffee. They have created a modern version of the classic jazz for all coffee drinkers. The aim is to bring a contemporary look that will make the Otto Jazz stand out on your kitchen counter.

The name Otto is derived from the name "Ottoman empire", as this is the origin of the Turkish way of preparing coffee.

Although the Otto has retained its classic shape that it has held for centuries, the new design has been created to improve the resulting taste and to make coffee in a simpler and more efficient way.

Otto is available inthree different colour options:

  • Black,
  • grey,
  • brick.

The modern Otto coffee pot: the "must have" of 2023

And why should you replace your classic jazz with Otto jazz? The design may be based on the traditional Turkish jazz, but Otto is developed with lots of modern technology that makes it so innovative.

Its most striking feature is the special shape of the bottom, which allows the coffee to flow more freely, allowing the flavours to be extracted more intensely.

Another improvement that the Otto coffee pot offers is itsergonomic design. It has a comfortable handle that makes it easy and comfortable to hold the pot while pouring coffee. This makes the preparation of Turkish coffee much easier and more enjoyable.

Theright temperatureis also an important element in the preparation of Turkish coffee . The Otto coffee pot has a special coating that maintains the correct temperature of the coffee and protects your hands from burning. This means that you don't have to worry about getting burnt when making Turkish coffee.

TheOtto pot is made of high quality stainless steel material, which guarantees long life and durability. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe . Another great advantage is that the Otto is compatible withany type of stove.

Goat Story - Otto Jazz. Instructions for making Turkish coffee

Now you know the magic behind this innovative innovation from Goat Story. Let's show you a simple tutorial directly from Goat Story on how toprepare traditional Turkish coffee in the Otto Jazz .

  • Choose 30g of your favourite coffee of choice and grind it just before brewing. The coffee should be ground very finely.
  • Use 300g of warm water to pour over the ground coffee and stir.
  • Put on the stove (electric, gas or induction) and set the heat to medium.
  • After 2 and a half minutes the coffee will start to swell up and the process should be over.
  • Then pour into a mug and let sit for another 2 minutes. This will allow the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup.
  • It is advisable to serve sweet pastries and a glass of waterwith the coffee .


Let's conclude with a little summary, of what Otto's coffee is and what makes it so great:

  • It has a proven shape that creates a unique coffee flow that allows you to enjoy a rich and smooth taste,
  • it's available in3 colours,
  • brews up to 5cups of coffee (500 ml),
  • has a durable stainless steelmaterial,
  • has a silicone cover to keep the handle cold,
  • has a special bottom shape that allows the coffee to flow more freely,
  • you can use it on all types of cookers (gas, electric and induction).

Most importantly , it's adesign piece that will stand out in your kitchen so you can treat your friends to authentic Turkish coffee. So don't hesitate and buy yours!

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