Our Giesen W15A roaster

The transformation of the Luhačovice bakery into a roasting plant gave the old site a new use. Theunique "genius loci" has been preserved and the aroma flows from here again, but now it attracts freshly roasted coffee. It almost seems as if the roaster has always belonged here, yet it has been established since 2017.


Moving her in was quite a chore and it took several friends to get her into the roastery. Our roaster is originally from the Netherlands. Just a stone's throw from the German border is the small town of Ulft, and that's where thefamily-owned company Giesen Coffee Roasters, which made our roaster ,is based . Their roasting machines are considered to be thetop of the market and we are happy to have one of their much-praised W15A roasters right here inLuhačovice.

Innovation is the main motto of Giesen. That is why they have embarked on a journey of technology and digitalization that allows them to take the craft of roasting to a "higher level". Giesen roasters have perfect control over such important roasting variables as temperature, air flow and the speed of the roasting drum. It is no coincidence that Giesen machines are used in the World Coffee Roasting Championships.

Giesen grew out of the foundations of De Eik, a metalworking company founded by Karin Bussink's father in 1988. Among other things, De Eik produced parts for the nearby Probat roaster factory. Karin Bussink married Wilfred Giesen and after her father's death she and her husband took over the company. Wilfred Giesen decided to put to good use the knowledge he had gained over the years in the manufacture of sleepers. He saw the potential to produce improved sleepers. In 2006 he realized his vision and launched the first Giesen W6 fretboard.

The family business has grown but still produces its roasters with craftsmanship. Their sophisticated and innovative coffee roasting technology, offers more control over the roasting process than any other roaster on the market.


The Giesen W15A is a highly flexible and versatile roaster. Its capacity makes it ideal for medium-sized roasters. We can roast up to 60 kg of coffee in one hour. That's roughly equivalent to the volume of one bag of green coffee. Multitasking is no problem at all, so we can roast the beans and cool the roasted batch at the same time (Roast non stop function). This speeds up the production process considerably.

Thecooling system is well thought out so that thehot just-roasted beans cool down in the shortest possible time. The roasting and temperature control software system - the company uses innovative infrared sensors for accurate temperature measurement - is located on an external laptop and allows recording of roasting curves and saving the current roast profile. For repeatedly great roasting results.

The Giesen W15A is all cast iron and steel, has an extra beautiful design similar to the first industrial machines and comes in some very nice colour variations. It is CE-certified (a certificate issued for all products manufactured in the EU for safety of use, health and environmental protection) and UL-certified ( an independent certification organization dedicated to testing and certifying the safety of products and services, established in the USA in 1894, taken from Wikipedia).

Giesen W15A roaster at the Lázeňská káva roastery in Luhačovice


Firstly, it suits us in terms of roasting capacity. Itwill roast 500 g of coffee just as skilfully as 15 kg - which is its maximum capacity. This roasting capacity is absolutely ideal for our medium-sized roastery. What we love so much about the roaster is itssoftware.

The Giesen W15A is a smart machine that checks its work, keeps honest records and stores it in a portable computer. So we have the data from the previous roast captured and can use it for the next batch. This makes roasting efficient, high quality and consistent. In the end, it's the material and the look that we like. For one thing, it fits our space perfectly and it's also functional, as the cast iron roaster has good heat conducting properties.