Powder or tablets for cleaning the coffee machine

To begin with, it must be said that something different suits each of us. And each of us also owns a slightly different device. First of all, you need to look at themanual.

If the manufacturer of your coffee machine recommends a particular formulation - powder, tablet, liquid - stick to its instructions. Those who invented and manufactured your coffee maker will know what is best for its maintenance.

But if you have a choice, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using cleaning tablets and powder.

Advantages and disadvantages of cleaning powder

Powder is much easier to dose than tablets. This is a definite plus. If you feel that the coffee machine could do with a little more care, you can easily add more.

However, I highly recommend following the prescribed procedure - both in the manual for your coffee machine and in the instructions for the cleaning powder. Another benefit is that it dissolves much better and faster.

The main disadvantage of cleaning powder over tablets is its impracticality. If handled carelessly, you can get the powder all over your kitchen counter.

Advantagesand disadvantages of cleaning tablets

Cleaning tablets are, in short, practical.

There is no need to measure and dose anything. You simply take the tablet in your hand, put it where it belongs (again, I recommend reading the instructions for your machine and the tablets themselves) and start the cleaning process.

Compared to powder, they have the disadvantage of being harder to dose. Most tablets supplied to the market weigh 2 or 2.5g. However, some coffee machine manufacturers recommend using as little as 1g of cleaning agent.

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Therefore, it is good to mention again that if the manufacturer clearly recommends the use of a powder, listen to him. He knows best what is good for your coffee machine.

Whether to use powder or tablets for cleaning and descaling your coffee machine, take a look in our e-shop. You will definitely choose!