Premium coffee machines: Lelit vs. ECM vs. Rocket Espresso

Lelit Mara vs. Bianca vs. Giulietta. Which one to choose?

It's amazing how often espresso lovers ask us about these three girls when choosing a coffee machine. Lelit coffee machines, that is. Sure, all are nice, well-equipped and can make excellent coffee. But each of these flashy machines has its own category. They are lever coffee machines, but in completely different configurations to meet the different demands of their owners.

The Lelit Giulietta, because...

Full name LelitGiulietta PL2SVH2. It's the largest and most expensive coffee machine of all the ones we're going to talk about in this article. It is also the only representative of a two-lever home coffee maker. For its features, it stands at the threshold of the category of home coffee makers and those of cafes.

Its advantages are that the two heads of the coffee maker are connected to two separate boilers, or 2 heatexchangers in a large 10 litre boiler. Why would you want this feature in a coffee maker? Because that way you have the option of setting the extraction parameters for each coffee machine head separately. You can thus prepare two types of coffee requiring specific brew values for the right espresso taste.

Is the Lelit Bianca or the Mara better?

Lelit Mara, because...

It is inexpensive, small, lightweight and with an attractive matte brushed steel finish. You can change the temperature setting to steam priority or coffee priority mode. It is a cleanly designed coffee maker, with no unnecessary "frills". For those who want to make great coffee, but are not so keen on drawing extraction profile charts and analyzing espresso in refractometer .

With a lot of home coffee makers, you will encounter temperature instability. This is especially true when you alternate between steam whipping and espresso brewing. In such situations, you then wait for the coffee maker to finish heating or cooling, or you solve it by letting the hot water run.

Mara can adapt extremely quickly. You prepare coffee without downtime or wasted water. I should also mention that despite the traditionally noisier vibrating pump technology, it is an unusually quiet coffee maker.

Lelit Binaca, because...

You've fallen in love with Bianca's alarm clocks. She has three. One of them is the LCC- Lelit Control Center, the on-board computer for setting up the coffee machine's functions. The others are two pressure gauges. The one on the head of the machine shows the extraction pressure. The other is a double one to check the pump and steam pressure.

It has 2boilers, a rotary pump, and most importantly a super paddle above the head of the coffee maker. With the wooden paddle pressure control you can already record and evaluate your extraction profiles. And you probably will. This unique feature allows you to experiment with your coffeebrewing.

Of course, you can brew espresso without research and simply enjoy the perfect quality of coffee from such a beautiful and powerful machine that is considered the quietest coffee maker on the market.

ECM premium lever coffee machines: classics vs. mechanics vs. electronics

ECM Mechanics, because...

With the ECM Mechanika name, you can have coffee machine in Slim or Profi version. For this selection, I specifically took the ECM Mechanika IV Profi. Interestingly, although it is a pretty slim coffee maker, the manufacturers have also arranged a rotary pump into it.

ECM brand coffee makers are among those with lever operated nozzles. Personally, I prefer this method of letting the steam to whip for speed and convenience. The mechanics are not lacking the E61 headand water heating via a boiler.

It has the ability to better thermal stability even when alternating between whisking and espresso making. This is due to the energy and space saving water heating solution. This is the single boiler with HX (heat exchanger), which can prepare the appropriate water temperature for both coffee and steam.

ECM Technika, because...

Want a classic-looking coffee maker with adash more pro technology than ECM Mechanics? Take the ECM Technique. The two coffee makers described are very similar in appearance.

The Technique looks a little more robust and the nozzle valves have stainless handles. Also, of course: theE61 head, the 2.1L boiler with HX and therotary pump.

Plus, it's been given that technical tweak to control water temperature - PIDsystem. What more do you need to make a great espresso? Here's everything.

ECM Synchronica, because...

To the question that ended the previous paragraph, you said, "I want more!". Well, all right, I have this tip for you on an amazing German-made home coffee machine. It's called the Synchronika and it's the top of the line ECM home coffee maker.

Aside from the fact thatthe looks the most elegant of all its brethren, it otherwise has absolutely all the top features of the previous coffee makers. From the head of the E61 to the heel - er... to the PID. Its higher price is not due to the nicer looks, but to the addition ofa second boiler.

This makes the Synchronica the only dual boiler ECM coffee machine in the "home-line" series. It has a 2litre boiler for steam and a 0.75 litre boiler for coffee. The ideal temperature for each function, so you can whip and "espresso" at the same time. No temperature fluctuations, downtime or other problems.

Rocket Espresso Appartamento, Cronometro, Mozzafiato. What makes them different?

I'll stop short with the third of my top home coffee makers - Rocket Espresso.

Appartamento, because...

You desire a coffee maker in anovel design that will meet compactness, affordability and the necessary features for well brewed coffee. Appartamento will be an eye-catcher in the apartment, especially when combined with the copper elements on the sides.

At the same time, its technical equipment is at a very nice level. Check it out: headE61, 1.8L boiler with HX, pro 58mm portafilter. It also has a "cool touch" nozzle and can work with coffee pre-infusion to fine tune your espresso to your liking.

Giotto Cronometro, because...

A beautifully gleaming stainless steel coffee machine on stylish "rocket" feet. Giotto Cronometro will delight the eye of any fan of classical art, after all, its name is inspired by the Florentine painter and architect Giotto di Bondone. And above all, espresso addicts. He's very good at it.

In short, it has all the important parameters of the Appartamento model. In addition, it is enhanced with PIDsystem, timer extraction, and above all you can have it in the R version with rotary pump.

Mozzafiato Cronometro, because...

So get this piece for your home if you like the characteristics of the previous Giotto Cronometro model, but prefer minimalist planes and lines.

It's thesame Cronometro, just in a different "more balanced" design Mozzafiato (translated to mean "breathtaking", which it really is in this modern-looking and full-featured R version).

Home coffee makers of top brands - comparison

Now you know all the adepts for comparison in the premium lever home coffee makers category. Each of these espresso coffee makers meets both the quality requirement for making delicious coffee.

On the second point, the financial affordability thus in theprice range of about 35-75 thousand crowns. The lower price category belongs to coffee machines for less demanding coffee drinkers and beginners. The higher one is basically for coffee machines in a compact version.

Top coffee machines by price

Rocket E. Appartamento

Lelit Bianca

ECM Synchronika


lower price




higher price

I am attaching here a comparison table of all the main specifications of the coffee machines reviewed. I hope this review will be helpful for your right selection of the perfect coffee machine to your home.

Comparison of lever coffee machines: Lelit vs. ECM vs. Rocket Espress
Lelit Mara
Lelit Bianca
Lelit Giulietta
ECM Mechanics
ECM Technique
ECM Synchronics
Rocket E. Appartamento
Rocket E. Giotto R
Rocket E. Mozzafiato R
Price 35 ths. 60 ths. 70 ths. 56 ths. 61,5 ths. 74 thous. 40 thous. 56 thous. 58 thous.
boiler 1,5 l + HX 1,5 l + 0,8 l 10 l + 2xHX 2,1 l + HX 2,1 l + HX 0,75 l + 2 l 1,8 + HX 1,8 l + HX 1,8 l + HX
PID LTS (Lelit Thermal Stability System) - -
pump vibrating rotary rotary rotary rotary rotary vibratory rotary rotary
volumetrics - - - - - - -
Timer - - - -
cool touch nozzle
dimension/cm (w x d x h) 22 x 41 x 35 29 x 40,5 x 40 58 x 48 x 49 30.2 x 45 x 39.5 32.5 x 47.5 x 39 33,5 x 49 x 41 27,4 x 42,5 x 36 33,5 x 42 x 40 28 x 42.5 x 40
unique features silent pump pressure control two-lever quick-steam valve quick-steam valve quick-steam valve design side panels digital timer digital timer

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