Double espresso and doppio (ml, grams, preparation)

A double pleasure called espresso doppio?

If the classic espresso is like nothing to you and you feel like a bigger dose of caffeine, just order espresso doppio or in English double shot. The term double shot was derived from the Italian term doppio, which in Italian simply means double.

One shot of espresso can have 30 to 50 mg of caffeine. This means that a double shot is likely to have 60 to 100 mg of caffeine.

The confusion surrounding the double shot

The term doppio comes from Italy, where coffee brewing ratios are and have been quite different than anywhere else. Meanwhile, while it is reported that doppio was 60 ml of liquid espresso, it is not clear how much ground coffee was usually put into it.

So what does double mean in the coffee industry today? I probably won't make you too happy, because there is no standard for it.

A double can be anything that goes through a double or triple basket between 14 and 115 grams of liquid espresso. That doesn't make our problem any easier.

The only part that isn't confusing about making a double shot is the coffee extraction time. Preparation of all espresso is generally done in the range of 23-35 seconds depending on the solubility of the coffee.

Single Vs. Double Shot: what are the differences?

According to the Italian definition of espresso, traditionally7 g of fine ground coffee is used and yields approximately 30 ml of espresso.

Today it is different, single baskets are usually adapted to about 10 g of coffee and the output depends on the brew ratio, which is usually between 1:5 - 2:5.

So to make a double shot we use a double batch: 14 g of coffee and get about 60 ml of espresso.

The difference between a single shot and a double shot. Source.

How to prepare Doppio correctly?

Most baristas agree that doppio should be prepared in a 1:2 ratio. This means that 22g of coffee should be extracted to make 44g of double espresso.

The problem is that not everyone prepares espresso in a 1:2 ratio. Double espresso preparation varies from barista to barista, coffee shop to coffee shop but also state to state.

Some baristas prefer a lighter and more diluted espresso, which they prepare in a 1:2.5 ratio (or 22 grams in and 55 grams out). Others prefer a stronger and more intense espresso, which they prepare at a ratio of just 1:1.5 (22g in and 33g out).

However, the brew ratio depends not only on the barista's preference of flavours, but also on the specific coffee.

One coffee may be preferred with a higher brew ratio, so that its potential and all its flavours come out. Conversely, we may like another coffee better with the brew ratio adjusted to 1:9 to encourage its stronger expression.

Also, not every café puts the same amount of coffee in the basket. In the US it is common to dose 19-20g in and 38-40g out. In Australia 20-22 g in and dispense 40-44 g for a double espresso.

In the UK the norm is to dose 18g in and 36g out and in Italy, where single espresso preparation is more common, your barista is likely to dose 7g in and 14g out.

They all brew coffee of the same strength but dose different amounts, so even if we use the same name - doppio - we can get different sized drinks.

How to make doppio

Double lever

Nowadays, double shots arecommon in coffee shops all over the world. If you ask for a classic coffee, the barista will probably make you a double, but use a split portafilter to cut the cup in half.

In fact, most baristas use a double tray, to prepare not one, but two cups at once, and it is used to prepare all drinks. Unlike the single basket, it is shaped to extract properly and can affect the taste of the coffee.

Naked lever

Occasionally a second brewed coffee can come in handy, but sometimes it goes to waste. The ideal solution to this problem is just the naked lever.

TheNaked Lever works with the concept of a single batch prepared from a double lever with a basket for 14g of coffee. This solution is often sought after by cafés that tend to prepare milk drinks in larger cups, so that the taste of, for example, cappuccinos remains pleasantly balanced.

If you are looking for a coffee that conjures up twice as much pleasure as a classic espresso, doppio is the right choice. When it comes down to it, size in millimetres is relative, the main thing is that your cup of coffee will taste good.

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