Preparing Bombardino, Viennese and Algerian coffee with the Bialetti Moka pot

Making coffee with the Bialetti Moka pot

TheMoka pot is a great kitchen helper that easily, quickly and cheaply prepares coffee with a strength almost like espresso.

If you reach for the Bialetti brand, you won't take a step wrong. Bialetti offers quality products that offer the experience of the true Italian ritual of making delicious coffee.

The unique shape of the Bialetti Moka teapot dates back to 1933, when it was invented by Alfonso Bialetti, and is particularly specialised with a print of the iconic man with a moustache.

One Vienna coffee, please.

An elongated espresso accompanied by whipped cream served in an oblong glass with a handle. That's Vienna coffee, which we definitely enjoy more in Czech cafes than in Austrian ones. Despite its distinctive name, baristas in Vienna would not understand the term "Vienna coffee" when we order it.

If you want to enjoy Vienna coffee in the city of the same name, you have to order Einspänner, which is German for one-horse carriage. In fact, once upon a time, this drink was intended for the city's coachmen.

Recipe for coffee Vienna

  • 60 ml coffee
  • whipped cream

Instructions for Vienna from the Moka teapot

Vienna coffee is very simple to prepare. The base is an extended espresso, which we easily replace with coffee prepared with a Moka pot from Bialetti

Prepare a larger coffee, which you pour into a taller jar with a handle. Whip the whipping cream, serve it to the coffee and you have Vienna coffee ready.

Algerian coffee

Coffee with eggnog, this is a typical Christmas delicacy from Czech cafes and restaurants, known as Algerian coffee.

You would have the same problem with Algiers in Algeria as you would with Vienna in Vienna. If you tried to order "Algerian coffee" in a foreign cafe, you wouldn't have much luck. In fact, there is no such thing under that name anywhere else but in the Czech Republic.

In the rest of the world you would probably have to order Eggnog Latte to enjoy something similar to this drink. The basis of the Eggnog Latte is a latte instead of an espresso and the consumption of this drink is also mostly associated with Christmas.

Recipe for Algiers coffee

  • 30 ml eggnog
  • 60 ml coffee
  • whipped cream

Instructions for Algiers from Moka pot

Again, reach for a tall glass into which you pour eggnog. In a moka pot, make 60 ml of coffee and thenslowly pour the coffeeover the eggnog, a spoonful at a time. As with the Vienna, prepare the whipped cream, add it on top and pour lightly over the liqueur.

Bombardino - Italian warming in a glass

Bombardino, literally "bomb" in Italian, is a reward for skiers after an exciting day on the slopes. The winter cocktail, warm and reminiscent of eggnog, originated in northern Lombardy and is now popular throughout the Italian Alps.

When ordering a Bombardino there's often one important ingredient missing, however. It is coffee that was the basis of the original recipes.

Recipe for Bombardino

  • 40 ml of coffee
  • 30 ml warm eggnog
  • 20 ml warm rum
  • whipped cream

Instructions for the Bombardino from the Moka teapot

Pour the rum (warmed to below 80°C)over the eggnog. Prepare thecoffee in a Moka pot and slowly pour it in - it is best poured over a spoon over the side of the glass. This will keep the layers nicely separated. Finally, garnish the drink withwhipped cream.

A moka pot is great not only for making a good cup of coffee. It's also a good base for a lot of popular coffee drinks, which can be prepared quickly and easily thanks to it.