Retro lever coffee machines

The coffee maker is one of the oldest methods of making coffee. But how many people understand the history behind it? Come with me to look back into the past and see how far we've come over the years.

  • 1865- The first patent for a coffee dripper was filed by American James Nason. In 1869, it was later refined into a percolator designed to brew coffee on the stove by Hanson Goodrich
The classic coffee maker. Unchanged for the last 120 years. Image source:

  • 1884- The espressomachine was invented byAngelo Moriondo. Unfortunately, Moriondo never managed to popularize the machine or get it off the ground.

  • 1906- Desiderio Pavoni, who founded the world-famous Lu Pavoni brand ,began commercially producing espresso machines. It was introduced at the Milan Fair in 1906.

  • 1908- The first coffee machine using absorbent paper filters was invented by German entrepreneur Melitta Bentz.

  • 1927- The first series of large WMF coffee machines was produced by the then subsidiary in Goppien, Germany.

  • 1954- Gottlob Widmann invented Germany's first electric drip coffee machine called the Wigomat.

  • 1961- Faema launched the first pump-powered espresso machine, which used a motor-driven pump instead of physical force to create pressure for espresso. This design became the standard for specialty coffee production around the world. Faema developed a revolutionary coffee machine with the E61 type head. Only in a coffee machine with this head will you achieve the perfect espresso.

  • 1972 - The electric drip machine was promoted in America by the Mr. Coffee brand, replacing the drip machine as the most popular brewing method for home and commercial use in the US.

Liven up your home with these retro lever coffee makers!

Just looking at these home machines will give you a 1950s vibe. Reach for one of our retro coffee makers and give your kitchen that vintage flair!

The Ascaso dream: an ornament for your kitchen!

This designer coffee machine with adjustable water temperature and pressure will delight all home baristas. In addition to its design features, Ascaso boasts technological features that make it easy to prepare your favourite cup of coffee.

While the coffee maker is designed for home baristas, ithas the features of a professional coffee maker. The manufacturer states that it is a semi-professional machine. Thethermoblock group guarantees thermal stability and less limescale formation.

Thestainless steel water circuit eliminates the migration of metals, making the water 100% healthy. The coffee machine constantly refreshes pure water for each cup so that the taste and aroma of the coffee is not affected. Its main advantage is the special milk whisk nozzle, which is almost professionally designed.


  • Quality material, stainless steel and brass elements
  • Strong milk whisk nozzle
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure


  • Need to wait a while for the steam to finish whipping milk after making coffee.

Espresso without compromise! This is the Lelit Bianca

The ultimate coffee machine that combines the best of everything! TheLelit Bianca is designed for true professionals. Thanks to the detailed display, you'll have a greater overview of the perfect coffee preparation. Professional baristas will appreciate the pressure control. Different pressure settings affect thepreinfusion and also the resulting extraction.

Thecoffee machine is equipped with a portafilter with adiameter of 58mm. Its wooden elements contribute a significant value to the final aesthetics. The steam jets will not burn you! Thanks to the Cool Touch version, they will still be cool to the touch. The elegant and functional design is just the icing on the cake.


  • Design
  • Cup warmer
  • Adjustable steam and water nozzle
  • Water reservoir
  • Thermostat for temperature adjustment


  • You will become addicted to the espresso from this machine!

Focused on professionalism! Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2GR

The Aurelia Wave is a great coffee machine for those who focus on high productivity and consistency. The latest technical options built into the new Aurelia make it an even more reliable coffee machine, capable of producing excellent quality coffee with thelowest possible energy consumption.

Smart Water technology monitors the quality of the water in your water supply and alerts you when the quality changes. You can set a recipe to serve the same coffee to your customer every time. The Aurelia Wave boasts a new patented technology that optimises water flow and pressure during the dispensing phase. The Easycream system allows baristas to quickly and automatically obtain thick, velvety milk.


  • Quality technology
  • Controls water quality
  • Low energy consumption

The goddess of Athena Leva coffee makers!

A machine for real coffee lovers! The Italian coffee maker has retained the lever mechanism that has served it well for over 70 years. Even though it is a lever machine, Victoria Arduino has applied heat exchangers for the Athena Leva coffee machine. Thus, the temperature can be regulated to optimize the quality of the extracted coffee .

Its lever brewing system ensures a high level of customization of the beverage, but at the same time requires barista experience. The operation of the machine is direct and simple.


  • Perfect design
  • Perfect milk foam
  • Simple operation


  • Higher purchase price